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  1. cajunfats

    New Custom It's George Case

    Marc Palermo, of New Iberia ,Louisiana, the new owner of the It's George Cue Case Brand has made a couple of new interesting cases for me to secure my Gary Medlin(Winners07 here on AZ) Gem Cues from the early 90's. Gary finished shafts #5 and #6 for the Flame Veneer Gem and I needed a case...
  2. cajunfats

    New Custom It's George Case

    I needed a new case to hold my 1992 Gem Cue by Gary Medlin(Winners07 here on AZ) after he made Shafts #5 and 6 for the Flame Veneer Cue. I have always been partial to It's George Cases and found that Marc Palermo in New Iberia, Louisiana is now the new owner of the It's George Cue Case brand. I...
  3. cajunfats

    Great Experience with Asiasdad

    deleted due to content.
  4. cajunfats

    New Shafts from Gem Cues

    I picked up my two new custom made shafts for my Gem Cue from Gary Medlin in Lake Charles,LA last Friday. Gary absolutely nailed the diameter and taper I need for my game. Full 13.25mm with custom pro taper and some pretty hard moori tips! He added some really nice joint protectors for me too...
  5. cajunfats

    BCA Hall of Fame Program 1997

    Rummaging through an old box of books and stuff and found this. Some of these players are pretty well known,lol. I remember walking the Vegas Strip while chatting with Jean Balukas. Was Happy to see Mr. Eddie Taylor and Dallas West again. Great Memories. cajunfats
  6. cajunfats

    US Army 14.1 Championships 1986 &1987

    I was rummaging through some old boxes and I found a couple of programs from the US Army 14.1 Championships in Europe. There are lists of players, and I am certain some of our AZ'ers may recognize some of them. I decided to post it in the 14.1 section first, and maybe link to the main forum...
  7. cajunfats

    Your everyday playing cue

    New Everyday Player I recently picked this up. It was made in 1993.