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  1. Luther Blissett

    pool players' hair

    Lets have a thread about this*. *in before "lets not"
  2. Luther Blissett

    CJ Wiley

    Heard about this guy. Seems hard to get info for him. I've tried the search function here but not much comes up. Apparently he's selling some kind of aiming system. Seems a bit hidden/low-key though. Can anyone provide more details? Thanks in advance!
  3. Luther Blissett

    Anyone played on a glass table?

    I'm sure that the massive difference in the friction coefficient between balls and cloth as compared to balls and glass will make the playing experience on a glass table very challenging to players who have a lot of time under their belt on conventional tables. I just wondered though if anyone...
  4. Luther Blissett

    Main Forum = Luther Blissett Forum now?
  5. Luther Blissett

    boss said spend 30 mins writing on the subject of something about which ur passionate

    I wrote about pool. Here you go... Pool. Pool pool pool. Pool pool pool pool pool. ...And then more pool. I once watched an interview with a guy who held the world record for quick-draw target shooting. I remember the advice he gave to anyone who wanted to become the best in the world at...
  6. Luther Blissett

    Predator Cup at Banda in Wroclaw - 03.03.13 - Pool alive and well in Poland

    On Sunday I went to the Predator Cup tournament in Banda Club in Sky Tower (the new skyscraper in Wroclaw, Poland). 126 players in total, with Predator sponsoring the event and even providing a lathe and a skilled rep to change tips for a (very) small fee. Everything went very well. Really...
  7. Luther Blissett

    What's the weakest part of your game?

    What's the part of your game on which you'd have to work the most before you could turn pro? (Or if you actually are a pro, then simply what's the worst part of your game?) p.s. Love to see what CJ has to say here. :)
  8. Luther Blissett

    Need top tips on tips that are tipped for the top.

    Going to have to re-tip my Z² shaft soon. I understand that the standard tip (which I have right now) is made by Everest. While not absolutely terrible, it does tend to glaze over quite quickly, requiring re-scuffing very often to preserve grip and feel. Also I think it's a bit hard. So, I'm in...
  9. Luther Blissett

    Annoyed at bad customer service in my local pool hall

    It would be really easy to make this a VERY long post, but I'll honestly do my best to cut to the chase... So, there's this pool club where I've been going for a couple of years. Even though I know the owner and spend piles of money there, the staff (all girls) are still often incredibly rude...
  10. Luther Blissett

    n00b questions about 9-ball breaks

    OK, so... Recently my girlfriend and I watched various videos of the Mosconi cup. She noticed that the rules were quite tight about what constituted a legal break. There are a few things I would like clarification on. First is about the rules as applied during the Mosconi cup, and second is...
  11. Luther Blissett

    Making a carpet beater

    I was wondering if an old bar cue would stand up to the job if I grafted on a metal beating head. My ex-girlfriend has one of those old metal frames in her communal garden (you know, the frames you can hang a carpet over while beating it). Could this be done inside two months? Also, how...
  12. Luther Blissett

    Thoughts on the Z² shaft.

    Thoughts on the Z² shaft please. If you've played with one for any length of time, what did you think of it? Do you use one now as your regular playing shaft? I played with a Z² for a few months, then it suffered some damage and I tried a 314² for a couple of months while it was at the...
  13. Luther Blissett

    Ideas for a pool-based TV program

    Growing up in the UK, I remember a TV program in the 80s called 'Big Break', which was (in a fashion) centred around snooker. I was just thinking how plausible it might be to come up with some sort of format for a show which involved pool in some way. Who should host it? What players would be...
  14. Luther Blissett

    Jump shots ...just how much power do you need?

    OK, so, as an Englishman who started out playing English pool but who now plays only American pool (8 ball, 9 ball and 10 ball) I'm in a tricky situation when it comes to jumping. (Jumps shots are not legal in English pool, so I never learnt to play them.) Today though I finally bit the bullet...
  15. Luther Blissett

    thinking of changing the linen wrap to a rubber grip on my Pechauer butt - thoughts?

    Right now it looks like this: Thinking of trying this: Link to ebay item: Anyone here tried something like this? The linen wrap...
  16. Luther Blissett

    Predator 314² shaft for sale (Pechauer joint)

    Good condition (will add pics in the next day or so if there's any interest). Just been professionally retipped with a medium Kamui tip. I'm based in Europe but will consider posting abroad with insured service. Looking for 80 pounds/130 dollars. Personal friend of Krzysztof Wróbel (youtube...