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  1. BazookaJoe

    John Hennessee/Pinegar

    Is Hennessee still in the 9 ball? If he is, I assume he's leading the all around.
  2. BazookaJoe

    FS 5/16-14 Predator 314-2

    $125 In great shape
  3. BazookaJoe

    Dcc Match Coverage

    Who Else Was Dissappointed In The Lack Of A Pay For The Whole Event Type Coverage Like That Which Was Provided By Bcn Last Year?
  4. BazookaJoe

    314-2 woes

    Why did I suddenly start playing horribly with my 314-2? The hit doesn't sound bad, and I can see no visible defects, but I have had to switch back to my standard maple shaft. I suddenly started playing horribly, and discovered by accident that I played MUCH better with the original shaft...
  5. BazookaJoe

    Southern Classic Open

    I understand there is a door charge for spectating. Anyone know what they are charging per day?
  6. BazookaJoe

    Worst Format Ever????

    Am I reading correctly? The finals of the "World Summit of Pool" were determined by ONE SET, RACE TO SEVEN??? WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of.
  7. BazookaJoe

    What is your favorite case, and why?

    My favorite case
  8. BazookaJoe

    Any Lawyer's out there?

    Who can tell me, in accordance with the link provided, how the Tennessee gambling law would affect the participation of two individuals in a set of 9 ball for financial enhancement?
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    US Amateur Open

    Who is planning on playing?
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    How many people aim at the object ball?

    And how many aim at a spot on the table?
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    Anyone else think they scheduled it too close to the Derby City Classic?
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    Which would it be?

    If you could instantly have one of the two, which would it be? #1 Decent skills, but the ability to match up and get the nuts 100% of the time. Or #2 Great skills, but can't get the game right. Not to say you couldn't grind away and improve at both. Just asking which would you have...
  13. BazookaJoe

    New standardized rule!

    Ok..............a rule that should be a MUST. If you put your hand in the pocket to catch a ball that might scratch, then it IS A SCRATCH. Period! I don't want to hear that "it wasn't going to go" BS. If your little paw goes grabbin at the pocket, you just said "I scratched". If it wasn't...
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  15. BazookaJoe

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Bcn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Put the Shuffett/Hall match on the TV table!!!!!!!!:eek:
  16. BazookaJoe

    One-pocket rounds 2 thru ?

    Anyone? Beuller? Anyone?
  17. BazookaJoe

    Good vibes for the gunfighter.

    This is a good vibe thread for the gunfighter David Matlock. I'd sure like to see him win this one
  18. BazookaJoe

    Aye aye aye

    So I was practicing the other night, and I ran a few racks only to break on the sixth rack and end up with this. I just can't get any rolls. Could I get out if I were a woman? Could I get out if I were using a moori tip or a low deflection shaft?
  19. BazookaJoe

    Accu Stats One-Pocket VHS

    I'm selling some of my one pocket tapes, if anyone is interested.
  20. BazookaJoe

    Trudeau is doing it right!!!

    He has started off beautifully. KT has brought one thing to pool that no one else has ever bothered to do. Coverage. Not after the fact coverage, but a way to get excited about a tournament even if you aren't front and center. Live scoring? GENIUS!!! People have always wanted pool to be...