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  1. Drop The Rock

    My experience playing Alex and Dennis

    Let me start off by saying I'm an improving player. I started playing pool in October of 2013. I had a fairly natural inclination for ball pocketing, but that is about it. I got very addicted to pool, pretty much immediately. Many cues, thousands of hours of table time, a lot of cheap action...
  2. Drop The Rock

    Selling my Dzuricky :(

    Need to sell to pay for divorce lawyer and Bills. 19 oz, wrapless bridgepointer 1 shaft that rolls straight but needs a cleaning and a couple dings worked out $1800 OBo Txt for details 832-563-5938
  3. Drop The Rock

    Thank you to Mr Bob Dzuricky for a great experience.

    The finished product ladies and gents. Way ahead of Schedule!
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    Houston area Pool players and enthusiasts!

    Come out to Big Tyme Billiards tonight! It's my birthday and I'm working! I manage Tuesday's and Friday thru Sunday so if you can't make it be sure to on the weekend! Just ask for the manager and let me know you are from AZ and I will take care of you! As some of you know, I used to work...
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    The 5th Best One Pocket player in the world...

    Top 4 If I were to put them in order it would be tough and not very accurate because at their level its tough to say. Other than Alex being No. 1 I'm gonna keep that to myself. This is my interpretation of their games at their current speed. MIH doesn't effect my opinion of Tony, Scott...
  6. Drop The Rock

    And Canada has potentially, the strongest tournament tour we have seen in years.

    From the homepage. 5 x $25,000 Added events. 1 x $100,000 Added events. Pool in North America Just got a major jump. I truly hope that they don't pay too deep but deep enough. I truly hope that they...
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    The lack of professionalism

    I am COMPLETELY bewildered by the attitude of some of the entrepreneurs/business owners of AZ. It completely blows my mind that there are guys on here who just talk **** all day and act like kids when there business depends on their image just as much as their product, if not more so...
  8. Drop The Rock

    Power One Pocket 1 or 2 or both?

    Trying to decide whether to buy both or one of them. If they are redundant, which one is better and why?
  9. Drop The Rock

    What to Look For When Buying a Pool Table ARTICLE REVIEW

    I think one important point that was left out is that Brunswick's vary in how they play based on the mechanic. Diamond smart tables play near the same wherever you go.
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    Fun $600 a game One Pocket spot/story

    So there were two players woofing back and forth at Big Tyme Billiards last night. One I consider a friend, the other a respected acquaintance. Both players come with a lot of money when its time to play. We'll call my friend AC (plays pro speed) we'll call the other GT (plays pretty darn bad)...
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    My Dzuricky Bridge Pointer progress!

    Its been two months since I hashed out details with Bob! Ivory inlays, a tiger/curly handle and ebony butt sleeve to come!
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    The new Samsara LD Shafts

    During the Big Tyme Classic Danny Smith let me hit with the Samsara shafts he and Justin Bergman are switching to. Here is some initial info: 12.75mm diameter 1/8th" Ferrule Pro taper. $220. I was very surprised with how low the deflection of this shaft was especially at 12.75mm. Danny plays...
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    English( Rick ) Neil Patrick Johnson All three banned at once...hmmm. Can anybody enlighten me?
  14. Drop The Rock

    Make it happen One Pocket choices

    The current list is: Efren Tony Chohan IMO Danny Smith needs to be added to the list because of how exciting his game is to watch. Although if you aren't familiar with Tony's game, you need to be because he is a monster. My choice list would be: Efren Tony Chohan Alex Pagulayan Dennis...
  15. Drop The Rock

    A discussion about cue weight/balance and how they relate to the stroke.

    I'm not sure if this has been experimented or not or if it has been discussed already. We have: A 58" 19oz cue with a 4oz shaft and 15 oz butt A 58" 19 oz cue with a 3 oz shaft and 16 oz butt A 58" 19 oz cue with 5 oz shaft and 14 oz butt. Butt and shaft tapers are all the same. I don't...
  16. Drop The Rock

    Big Tyme Classic

    Come one, come all! Alex Pagulayan won 20k in the callcutta last year!
  17. Drop The Rock

    I can't decide who I want to have build my first high end custom.

    After making a couple of sacrifices and moves to improve our financial situation, things are looking up. My wife told me I should get a cue made. Price range would be around $1200-$1500. The makers I had in mind are: Bob Owen Bob Dzuriky Andy Gilbert Leon Sly Paul Drexler Pat Diveney Mike...
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    4th Annual Big Tyme Classic looking for sponsor!

    This year is the 4th annual Big Tyme Classic. the last 3 years have been $10000 added and this year it will be $8000 added. If you are interested in getting your product in front of a full 128 player field and a healthy list of champions: Alex Pagulayan, Kevin Cheng, Skylar Woodward, John Morra...
  19. Drop The Rock

    Would you be happy with a Mosconi team based on Fargo Rate's top 5 American players? Sans Daz since he'll play for Europe obviously. SVB Mike D. Justin Bergman Johnny Archer Rodney Morris I would be if I could substitute Mike D. with Skylar based on his performance last year. Mind you I don't think we should do away with the match...
  20. Drop The Rock

    CDX Supershaft vs Jacoby Hybrid

    Can somebody give me a review? Cue and shaft review sub is Dead. Also how do the compare in deflection to the 314-3/314-2