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  1. JWM

    How Good Could Country Calvin Play???

    I have seen him play very well!! Has anyone else seen him in high gear?
  2. JWM

    Skyler Woodward / Keith Thompson

    Skyler Woodward is a very good player. Keith Thompson (Squirrel) was a very good player at 15 years old. He was a great player at 17 years old. Keith played the big table, bar box, and snooker, you name it he could play it! He had unbelievable talent, however, I believe at about 22, he quit...
  3. JWM

    Player From The Past

    Has anyone ever heard of Ray Morgan? He played real good, I saw him get Country Calvin, on bar box and big table. I was in with Calvin.
  4. JWM

    9 ball semi-

    Did Skyler win the semi
  5. JWM

    Looking for a Palmer

    I played with a Palmer in 1968, I believe it was an Original by Palmer. Looking to buy.
  6. JWM

    Pool Player From The Past

    Any stories on Billy Weir? I know he played PRETTY GOOD!
  7. JWM

    Super Bowl

    Denver-2- & 48-, What Gets The Cheese
  8. JWM

    Roll Out

    What happen to it
  9. JWM

    "John Wesley's Pick Pocket Billiards"

    Does anyone need a job?
  10. JWM

    Best Young Player

    Has anyone heard of Keith Thompson? Was he really a great player, from what I saw he was one of the best ever!!
  11. JWM

    "John Wesley's Pick Pocket Billiards"

    Going to Vegas tomorrow, will give more details when I return.