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    try try again

    pheart/ebony walnut/walnut burl/thuya burl
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    pic test

    purpleheart/ebony walnut/walnut burl/thuya burl
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    swap meet find

    what is it??? 57",12.5 mm, shaft 24 3/4", butt 32 1/4",Ivory joint. missing the wedge in butt end.short leather wrap. joint is .700, ferule is ivory,ebony butt, the wrap has been cut in, unfortunately. it's missing the wedge and the decal. It is surprisingly straight for it's age. the pin...
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    quilt test

    quilt test.
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    4 point

    ebony,camphor burl,60 garnets.
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    photobucket test

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    new cue test

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    workin on it.

    python,b/w ebony.photobucket.
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    can you guys post some Amboya burl cues..

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    some are ya kiddin me snakewood and some even nicer amboyna burl.60'' 20oz. with maple shaft 21oz. with lyptus shaft.
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    old school butterfly

    60'' purple heart and alves 4 vaneer, mop dots and diamond.
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    royal oak

    royal oak (new pics) 60'' 4 point ,4 box, 3 vaneer.oak and oak burl. ][/URL
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    black and blue

    almost finished,59",18.95oz,matching chalker and jp's.more pics in my album,thanks for looking.
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    new chalkers (whats your flavor)

    price as marked, paypal, shipped .pm me if any interest,thanks,Tim. sold chalkers:antler #1,2,3,5 wood #1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,13,14,16
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    test(whats your flavor?)

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    Here's thuya

    thanks to TSP&B for the decals,Reuben Fisher for the bumpers and Tom Hay for the tips. 60" thuya burl with suede leather wrap.
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    pic test[/IMG]5.jpg[/IMG]
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    pic test

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    new pics.

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    mixed bag #5,6&7

    #5 bem,stack leather wrap broadhead in 3 window butt sleeve. #6teak burl into teak w/turquoise rings. #7 b/w ebony, python wrap, spalted jatoba rings. more pics in my album.thanks for looking.