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    Minnesota Fats, instructional Vid

    I enjoyed watching this Vid:smile:. Chrippa
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    Do You Have A Pet That Is Named For Something Pool Related

    Here is my wonderful friend. She is partly named after a Dolphin at Seaworld back in 94, Flippan. Chrippa
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    How about training like this when playing:smile: Regards Chrippa
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    Coming soon, guess the maker

    This cue is coming next week:), guess who :wink: Chrippa
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    Hi, No 3c player here but I play some occasionally and I have some knowledge about it. This link came by the other day and many of you probably follows Semih on FB but for the rest of you please go and see his vids - he knows how to"wheel a cue" for sure:smile...
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    Autumn Cue - Finished

    My Baby is home! Thanks Dale, the Cajun will be fun to follow:smile:. Well what can I say, the pics doesn´t do it justice. It´s drop dead beautiful imo, "it´s me". I love the colors and the design me and Rick came up with. More about it later though - have to rush, POOL TIME:smile: here´s...
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    Hi, a link to the Swedish Pool association , some pics from the recently finished tournament in Sweden, one 10 ball - "only pro" tourney and a 9 ball hcp tourney - 180 people! Peach as the winner over Earl in the 10 b and Mika as the winner in the 9 ball against one of our own. Pics shows...
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    Tip Pad

    Lokometer pads Hi, To use Joe´s term, what about these cue pads on the lokometer scale: This is the complete "enchilada": Chrippa
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    Earl in Stockholm

    And his cues
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    Earl in Stockholm

    Hi, here´s some pics of Earl at "JOLO" in Stockholm. Earl is here to play Chamats Tournament. They started out the day with some Tennis and then headed in to Jolo to plays some challenge matches, short races to 3 or 5, 200SEK or 300SEK. Earl was in good spirits and the crowd was growing when I...
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    Lambros lovers

    Thanks everyone, well they sure do have some love in them:smile:. One word I like to use to explain how a Lambros hit is "supersolid", you can truly feel that there is something special with his cues and the joint. I have and have hit many good cues, cues that I really like but so far no one is...
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    Main Forum = CJ Wiley Forum now?

    Learning etc Hi, I thought I share some that I really like. It tells a lot about us imo. Dan Millman has written more books if you want to read. Without searching I think his site is: Have a nice day you all - I will :smile: Chrippa
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    Lambros lovers

    Thanks! I´m happy you like them, can´t say I don´t understand you:). Mike´s make fantastic cues, they both look and play great. He has also taught me a lot about cues, making and playability, we have had some great brainstorming together and I consider him to be a very good friend. We haven´t...
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    Lambros lovers

    Some more pics:
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    Lambros lovers

    Some pics for Lambros lovers. Great cues from a great cuemaker imo. From left to right: My personal B/J 4 piece - best B/J I have ever had. A ebony MW A gorgeous 4p/5v amboyna into ebony A really nice "classic", 4 p/5v coco into maple My personal 3c cue A sold maple MW Mike´s personal made...
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    Amboyna burl and Ebony. Let's See them

    and another I had a problem with inserting pics but it´s seems that I have worked it out and now I can´t stop..... Funny actually because I think I do it the same way as I tried it before :o This cue you can guess - a bit fun. I´m sorry about the quality of the pics, will try and take some...
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    Amboyna burl and Ebony. Let's See them

    one more Here´s a Dayton. Very nice cues everyone, thanks for sharing - love to look at cues:). Have a nice day you all - I will:wink: Chrippa
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    Autumn Cue - New Blank to Finishing

    Some new pics Our cooperation is coming along nicely :smile: Have a nice day you all - I will:wink:! Chrippa
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    Amboyna burl and Ebony. Let's See them

    Nice cues/woods! I hope this work, A very nice Lambros cue. Gorgeous Amboyna imo. Chrippa
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    Newbie 3c

    Hi Guys, I just got my own 3c cue, a really nice Mike Lambros. Been waiting for it awhile and I told myself I will start to play 3c as soon as I get it - and now it´s here:). I love pool and cues, pretty good playing pool I suppose and I find my way around the table. Now though I could surely...