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  1. dkjshark

    Does Taom V10 only come in green?

    I have simonis blue cloth and i use the v10 green, it does not leave any marks on the cloth or the cue ball! It is by far the best chalk on the market imo
  2. dkjshark

    cuetec breach taom tip issues

    I have had to change several of the taom break tips for customers who bought the breach. I usually put a samsara break/jump tip and they love it!
  3. dkjshark

    Free Superbowl Raffle

    53 please
  4. dkjshark

    Hello, this is kevin joiner, i have bought many carbon fiber tubes from you before. I would like...

    Hello, this is kevin joiner, i have bought many carbon fiber tubes from you before. I would like to offer you $350 for the 141 tubes, ty for your consideration
  5. dkjshark

    New cue maker, wanting to share my work and get opinions:

    Sorry I cant get pictures to upload from my computer, anyways, My name is Kevin Joiner, Joiner Custom Cues. I have been making cues for 2 years, I have @25 years experience in the cue repair side. This cue is made out of zircote and 4 goncolo alves points with 4 veneers around each point...
  6. dkjshark

    I'm a new cue maker, wanting to share my work and get opinions.

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  7. dkjshark

    I am looking for a tip centering tool like this one, I bought this several years ago

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  8. dkjshark

    Willie Hoppe cue need help please

    Hello everyone, i have an old willie hoppe cue that the bumper is missing, i would greatly appreciate any help in possibly finding one? If anyone knows where to locate one or a replacement one please advise, thanks kj
  9. dkjshark

    Places to Dine at and close to SBE?

    Hello, Any suggestions on good places to eat at when im at SBE?
  10. dkjshark

    Mike sigel 1/1 w/2 shafts

    Hello, I have for sale a Beautiful Mike Sigel 1/1 cue with 2 inlaid shafts. The cue is ebony, and lacewood with lots of ivory points. It has a shark skin leather wrap. The shafts are both@12.25 mm and both shafts have lacewood and ivory inlays. The cue weighs 18.9 oz. The cue is in excellent...
  11. dkjshark

    Red Label/ Blue Label 9ft Diamond Table

    I was wondering what is the difference between the red label and blue label 9ft diamond tables? Also which one is better in your opinion? Thanks for your input kj
  12. dkjshark

    Going to be flying to SBE this year, recommendations for carrying pool cues on plane

    Hello everyone, Iam going to be flying into philly from tenn. to attend the SBE this year. I was wondering what is the best way to carry my pool cues? Anyone that has experience with flying and bring their pool cues? I have heard some bad things from people about checking their pool cues on...
  13. dkjshark

    Day 4 MC LINEUP,WHY?

    I was wondering why Mark Wilson started off Day 4 with Mike Dechaine in a must win match? Is he our strongest player? I dont think so! I feel we did not give ourself a chance to even get a win today, just my op. What do you guys think?
  14. dkjshark

    502 Bad Gateway

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows what this means and how to fix it? I keep getting a 502 Bad Gateway error when i click on a post to read it? Is anyone else having this issue? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks kj
  15. dkjshark

    Henney/bartrum match

    Does anyone know what the final score was of the match last night? When I fell a sleep it was 67-50 bartrum leading in race to 80. Thanks
  16. dkjshark

    Anyone carry a cue case on a bike?

    I carry my case on my Harley all the time, I took some pictures, check it out. All it takes is a couple small bungee cords.
  17. dkjshark

    Bergman vs Hennessee at Lucky Break Last Night

    Does anyone know what the final score was? I think bergman won the first set 21-15 not sure though, could someone post results? Thanks
  18. dkjshark

    show me your amboyna burl cues.

    My Blugrass Cue