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    Rack runner $250

    I have a very nice like new rack runner. The wood in this cue is great figured for this price point of cue. It's perfect other than some bluing on one shaft Butt:15oz Shaft1: 3.65oz, 12.45mm, g2 hard Shaft2: 3.95oz, 12.88mm, ultra skin Shafts have a very small amount of tapper roll less than...
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    Jim Pierce

    Looking to trade jim pierce for a Diveney cue. 6 point southwest design with 4 veneers. Black , green , blue ,natural.. elk horn joint and ferrules. Leather wrap. 3/8×10 modified joint pin.. Butt weight...14.81 oz. Shaft 1 - 3.95 13 mm. G-2 soft tip Shaft 2- 3.85 12.75 mm G-2 med
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    James Hanshew jump cue

    Looking for a James Hanshew jump cue.
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    Schon 3 shafts

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    JB Rolls Royce case

    Looking to trade JB Rolls Royce 2-4 case for a josey or Diveney cue. Trade value is gone. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ******Pechauer cue great deal******

    Pechauer prototype cue very good condition a few bumps but nothing though the finish, rolls straight. Butt weight: 14.65oz maple shaft: 4.20oz, 12.92mm, single layer tip Pechauer P+ pro shaft: 4.25oz, 12.75mm, pechauer gold tip Price: $325 or trade Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    ISO diveney shaft

    ISO diveney Lakewood shaft with thin black collar, straight and 12.74-13mm
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    Josey custom cue with 3 shafts

    I have a nice josey custom cue with 3 shafts everything is in good condition. I'm looking to sale or trade. For a trade I'm looking for a 4 point 4 veneer hoppe style cue. Butt weight: 15.25oz Shafts 1: Timeless Timber shaft, 3.70 oz, 12.53mm old moori medium tip Shaft 2: 4.15oz, 12.88mm, old...
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    SS360 shaft

    BD SS360 shaft Joint: radial Joint diameter: .853" Shaft diameter: 12.73mm Tip: ultra skin medium Condition: overall good, light bluing on shaft. Asking $125 shipped Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Josey sneaky Pete

    Josey sneaky Pete Wood: cocobolo into Birdseye maple Butt: 15.85oz Shaft1: 4.15oz 12.71mm mike dud Shaft2: 3.85oz 12.62mm Thomas tip Condition: used but in good condition a few dings but nothing major Price: 375 both shafts 325 one shaft buyer covers all fees and shipping.
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    Jeff Olney

    Jeff Olney custom cue Joint: radial G-10 Butt: 15.0 oz 1st shaft: 3.9 oz 12.81 mm G2 2nd shaft: 4.0 oz 13.0 mm ultraskin Condition: used but in good condition Sold Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    diveney reverse point sneaky

    diveney reverse point sneaky with 2 shafts. Cocobolo into Birdseye maple. Condition: used but very good Weight: 19.5oz Shafts size 13mm Tip: kamui clear black med 675 obo shipped and insured.
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    Bob Frey and JB rugged case

    Bob Frey Condition: like new test hit Tip: g2 hard Shaft size: 12.3 Weight: will get later today Price: Sold JB 2-3 rugged case Size 2-3 Condition: very good condition Color: black Price: sold
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    <<<<<~~Jacoby edge break cue cheap~~>>>>>

    Jacoby edge break cue Condition: like new Color: light brown Weight: 19oz Shaft size: 13.20 Asking 200 obo shipped or trade Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Jacoby edge

    Like new light brown jacoby edge. 19oz 13.2mm Looking for 235 shipped or to trade for a jump break. I also have a jb rugged 2x3 that I can add for the right cue.
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    Diveney, josey F/T

    I have a diveney reverse point sneaky, and a josey cocobolo sneaky. Looking to trade both for a higher end josey, diveney, or sly trade value is $1300 Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    James Hanshew jump cue

    James Hanshew jump cue. It's in very good condition. The extension handle has a ding in it but nothing through the finish. Looking for sold
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    Schon sp

    Schon sp with 10 high/low points, ivory windows, and butt cap. Looking to sell or trade. 1050obo, or trade Josey, Diveney, sly cue specs: weight: 21.3oz shaft: 12.98mm with old moori tip Shaft2: 12.99mm with a new moori. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Jägermeister tin sign and bar mat, Coca Cola wall clock

    I have a Coca Cola wood framed glass front wall clock, a Jägermeister tin bar sign along with a bar mat. All is new new never used. I tested the clock and it is in working order. Looking to trade for a custom jump cue or a break cue. Or will take offers. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Mike Bender

    Mike Bender 10 point ebony and holly. All shafts ivory ferrels moori hard tips. Shaft 1 3.85 oz 13.28 mm Shaft 2 3.70 oz 13.20 mm Shaft 3 3.90 oz 12.97 mm Shaft 4 3.80 oz 13.15 mm Sold. shipped and insured Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk