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  1. merylane

    Showman cases

    Showman cases made by Jonathan Showman using Kelli tubes and Fellini style locks
  2. merylane

    'Showman' cases.....??

    Showman cases
  3. merylane

    'Showman' cases.....??

    Showman cases
  4. merylane

    'Showman' cases.....??

    Showman cases
  5. merylane

    New member with ??

    Terry ?
  6. merylane

    Southwest Cue Wait

    As mentioned that's bullshit.... You jump on the bandwagon without any proof
  7. merylane

    Southwest Cue Wait

    That's a fucking lie. As I said before post up your proof. It's funny you started bitching about me one year before your cue was due and here you are posting your not bitching about South West being late.
  8. merylane

    mr fun

    could you post proof of this so called rip off i did to you? please start with posting a copy of your purchase requisition form, every customer has one with said quote and design of build and both my wife's my signature and customers. every customer accept buddy hall, rodney morris, lucky, a...
  9. merylane

    about some of the AZ community

    why are some so quick to bash and negative comments ? some threads go on making wild accusations and fantasy assumptions and nobody even asks for proof of either side. some how silence equals a guilty verdict here ? very confused. could someone please explain it to me?
  10. merylane

    could whoever been ripped off by showman cues post here

    i would like each and every one of my so called victims to post here please. i am not talking about people waiting on a cue order but those that i have so called stole from or raised the quoted price when the order was complete. please post proof of so called accusations. im only human and...
  11. merylane

    about mike gartland

    mike is 100% right ..... i fist talked with mike in Oct of 07 and hes always been good with me.... we haven't done much together however with this escapade you can see he was above and beyond tolerant of the situation. i will always be grateful for his nice comments as he was one of my...
  12. merylane

    Biggest merry widow

    I had the pleasure of seeing what i believe to be the biggest baddest Merry widow this past weekend. It had the most amazing , beautiful , elegant ringwork i ever did see. Ohh and classy. It got me wondering what is the biggest one ever made ????? I think it was the one i saw and hopefully...
  13. merylane

    Apology to Mr. Wayne.

    Thomas i apologize for anything i said that made you mad. Ribbing and teasing or poking fun at someone is one thing but i never thought in a million years It would make you that mad or i would not of done it. While people may have different philosifies i still think they can respect each...
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    Looking for justin....... Did yo # change?:confused::confused:
  15. merylane

    anybody from clearwater going to

    port charlotte tourney this weekend?
  16. merylane

    the last mizerak seniors tour?

    was there anyone taking pics at the last event........ i think it was in 06 or 07 thanks john.
  17. merylane

    old shafts ????

    im cleaning up alittle. 2 old shafts nickle silver ring. top. 1 of rodney morris' 4.25oz 29.5" short marbalette ferrule kamui tip. approx 3yrs old. the shaft is 13.1mm but whoeever rodney had put the tip on turned the ferrule down 12.9mm. bottom. one of my old exp. personal playing...
  18. merylane

    any players in austin?

    any players in austin? is there an echo in here
  19. merylane

    John Showman Working In Style !!!

    Thanks Rik !!!
  20. merylane

    i need help finding a good pic of art cantando

    looking for a good head shot of the man , front on with his huge smile. good quality photo. thanks a bunch john.