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  1. lady9ball

    8 ball rules

    The table is open and it's a mess. No groups have an advantage. Both players play safe multiple times without pocketing a ball. After about 4 innings each, player 1 says "safe" and pockets a stripe. Player 2 comes to the table, has a clear shot at a stripe, and that group now has a slight...
  2. lady9ball

    FS: 1963 Brunswick Sport King 9'

    I am moving and need (but hate) to sell this table. Asking $1000 or best offer. Table is in central Iowa and the buyer will be responsible for dis-assembly and moving.
  3. lady9ball

    Age, goals and IOMA State 2010 (long!)

    I’m 47 years old - I have been struggling with that fact, as women my age tend to do, and wondering if I was beyond my prime as far as pool is concerned. I worried that I was too old to bring skills I used to have to the table any more. On top of the age issue, I rarely play any more – league...
  4. lady9ball

    Vendor booth questions

    I'm sure the price varies greatly depending on the size of the event but if someone could give me some examples of rental charges it would be greatly appreciated. Also, a friend of mine had a booth at Galveston and I'm pretty sure he said it came with a comp room. Just wondering what "extras"...
  5. lady9ball

    AZB Lottery

    This thought just flashed into my mind, and maybe it's too much of a logistical nightmare but what if.... ...we started an AZB lottery pool. Everyone who wants to participate throws in $2 a week and someone collects the money, buys the tickets and posts the numbers (or better yet, a good scan...
  6. lady9ball

    Olathe anyone?

    My husband and I are heading down Friday afternoon. Any AZers attending? I LOVE this tournament but haven't been for several years, so I'm really excited! I'll be playing in the women's event, but with the men's field strong as they always are, we don't get much attention. :)
  7. lady9ball

    Putnam vs A. Fisher - why I'm taking sides on this one.

    I don't know what time it's scheduled, but I have to root extra hard for Allison in this match. I dropped in on the TAR stream the other night in time to hear Shawn's views on women playing with men in points events which I tend to agree with (the women have nothing to lose points wise, while...
  8. lady9ball

    LADIES Illinois State 9-ball Championships (WPBA Qualifier!)

    When: Saturday May 2nd and Sunday May 3rd, 2009 Doors open at 10am, players meeting at 11am, play starts at noon. Sponsored by: Jacoby Custom Cues and Billiards on Main Where: Billiards on Main 156 E Main St Galesburg, IL 61401 309-342-7665 What: MALT Tour Stop...
  9. lady9ball

    Arlington TX Feb. 9-12

    I'll be in Arlington for a training class next week. I would love to get together with anyone in the area and shoot some - as far as I know, I'm free all four nights. No idea what kind of clothes to pack either, but I guess I can find that out from some weather site.
  10. lady9ball

    DCC - how much streaming?

    How much of the tournaments/action/side events will we have access to through live stream? Those of us who can't be there would love to know where and when to catch it on the 'net!
  11. lady9ball

    10 Minute Toughness - book about the mental game

    I listen to NPR (national public radio) on my lunch break a lot, and today they were interviewing Jason Selk, the author of 10 Minute Toughness. What he was saying made a lot of sense - he emphasizes the power of positive thought, effective breathing, and especially visualization. During the...
  12. lady9ball

    Great Lakes Tour - bad news for the ladies

    Once again the women of the midwest get the shaft... and not in a good way. I was hoping for a tournament schedule when I went to, not really expecting it to be published yet. But what I got was much, much more disappointing news for us girls: "The Jacoby Custom Cues Great Lakes...
  13. lady9ball

    Rack your own

    How often do you play in a rack-your-own tournament where there is NO rule about where the game ball can go on the break for it to count as a win? I ask because I played in a tournament last Friday and my opponent told me it was rack your own (although no one else was doing it). He broke in...
  14. lady9ball

    Equipment questions: balls, cloth, etc.

    If I recall correctly, back when I was able to pay attention, the best cue balls were red circle, the best balls were Super Aramith Pro and the cloth of choice was green Simonis. After getting back into it again and reading various threads, I see that technology and/or preferences have changed...
  15. lady9ball

    AZers post links to your pool videos.

    Looks like it's quite common for AZers to have a video camera mounted somewhere near their pool table. I personally really enjoy watching the videos that AZers have made available on the internet. But I can't find any forum "collection" of these videos. I'm just talking about AZers playing...
  16. lady9ball

    Masters men vs Masters women

    Both of the leagues I play in each have master player designations, the VNEA and the ISPA (used to be BCA in Iowa, now an independent league). In fact, the ISPA even has an elite masters division. I don't remember if that's a carryover from BCA or not. I am on these lists, and I wonder if other...
  17. lady9ball

    Some tour and tournament questions

    I've been taking a break from pool, specifically the tournament scene, for the last few years. I'm now itching to get back into it, but am dismayed to find that the landscape hasn't changed much in the midwest regarding tournaments, especially for women. What's up with the Great Lakes Tour?? I...