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  1. jimmy91988

    Sold Ebony Dufferin Excalibur Cues for Sale

    I am selling 4 ebony Dufferin Excalibur’s (Silver Leaf) in good to very good vintage condition. These are incredibly rare 20+ year old cues From my testing all butts seem to roll straight but the shafts have wobbles to them. The butts are very thick in hand and would make for a beautiful...
  2. jimmy91988

    Joey Bautista (Joeyincali) Dufferin Purpleheart Cues Set

    I am selling an incredible Joey Bautista (JoeyinCali) players set. Asking $1250 or best reasonable offer Harvey Martin inspired conversion cue Curly purpleheart into straight grain maple Dufferin conversion. Unsure the year this was converted IvorX Ferrule with Kamui Black Hard tip G10 Pin...
  3. jimmy91988

    Sneaky Pete

    No longer needed
  4. jimmy91988

    Dufferin Sneaky Pete with Blue Butterfly

    Check your messages. Thanks
  5. jimmy91988

    Using Custom Cue as Breaker?

    I was having a conversation with a friend and wanted to know if there's anyone here who would put a break tip on an expensive custom player and use it as a main breaker. I remember seeing a "What's in the case" video where the person was using a Sugartree as a breaker. That's the only example...
  6. jimmy91988

    WTB Jump Cue Case

    Need something that will hold a 16" jump cue butt only. Thanks
  7. jimmy91988

    Price for 9' Gold Crown 4?

    Can anyone tell me how much a used but in great condition 9' Gold Crown 4 goes for? Mahogany finish. Thanks
  8. jimmy91988

    Prevail Custom Cues

    Anyone ever try a Prevail cue? His work looks very clean
  9. jimmy91988

    Fury FUJPT02 Jump Cue?

    Has anyone used this jump cue before?Don't know much about Fury cues but this one looks pretty nice and is affordable as well. Thanks
  10. jimmy91988

    Break Cue Questions

    A few questions on break cues. I've scoured the internet looking for information on break cue construction and found that most people say all is needed is a stiff thick taper and a hard tip. I was wondering what the effects of adding a phenolic dowel, let's say a 6" dowel, to the tip end of the...
  11. jimmy91988

    How do you change a iTrader feedback?

    Hello everyone, Is there a way to change an iTrader feedback after it has already been submitted? Thanks, Jimmy
  12. jimmy91988

    WTB: Used Rosewood Action Jump Break

    Looking for a cheap jump break preferably the rosewood Action Jump Break. 20oz and Samsara tip is a plus. Wanting to spend around $100 or less. Let me know what you guys have. Thanks
  13. jimmy91988

    Piku Tip Review

    I got the tip installed. It looks really nice. Overall it's decent. Holds chalk and you can actually play with it. It doesn't feel as hard as phenolic or a Samsara but still breaks well. Unfortunately I had a miscue with the tip and it deformed. I'll post pics tomorrow. Overall I would say I...
  14. jimmy91988

    Has anyone tried Piku Break Tips?

    Has anyone tried Piku Break Tips?
  15. jimmy91988

    Opinions on Cue Wrap

    I'm thinking about changing the wrap on my cue. It currently has a black snake wrap but I was thinking of either black linen with clear coat over the top or white linen wrap or keep it as is. I would appreciate your opinions. Thanks
  16. jimmy91988

    AZB Cue & Case Gallery Archives

    Hi everyone, I was recently searching for images of cues when I stumbled on this archive dating back to 2003! I joined this site in 2009 and it brings back great memories. A lot of amazing pics of cues to look at if you're ever bored. Over 22,000 pages...
  17. jimmy91988

    G10 Pin in a Break Cue

    Should I be worried breaking with a cue with a G10 pin if I'm not flexing the shaft on the follow through? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  18. jimmy91988

    WTB: Jump/Break Cue

    In search of a jump break cue $200 and under. 19-20 oz preferred Thanks, Jimmy