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  1. floppybear

    Live (Barely) from the Derby

    About 3-4 years ago I was able to check off attending the Derby from my bucket list. To say the least it was everything as I expected... action 24/7. One thing I distinctly remember was in the action room one kid was putting up everything he own (necklace, playing cue, j/b cue, headphones, his...
  2. floppybear

    Tad Custom Cue with Tad Case

    Do you still have the case for sale?
  3. floppybear

    trade a cue for a case

    How much you want to sell the Dennis Swift case (shipped to 94080)?
  4. floppybear

    Can I see your pool table lights?

    Nice setup. There are a few different models on Amazon. Can you share which model you bought; wattage, length, color temperature? Are they dimmable? I wonder if it is possible to connect them to a potentiometer to dim the lights just in case they are too bright. I am not an electrician :)
  5. floppybear

    TAD Kohara Pool Cue

  6. floppybear

    Sold Ray Schuler Cue

  7. floppybear

    TAD Kohara Pool Cue

    Yes, it will be shipped out from San Francisco California. Buyer pays for shipping and insurance.
  8. floppybear

    TAD Kohara Pool Cue

  9. floppybear

    TAD Kohara Pool Cue

    Details Condition Used - Good Cue #649 was made in Sept 1983. I contacted Fred and he stated that the cue should of had a logo on it, but either Tad forgot to put a logo on it or the Delrin butt cap could have been replaced. I think the former, since the previous owner told me he didn’t...
  10. floppybear

    Sold Mezz Ignite Shaft, Mezz Extension, and Mac Cue Butt

    Not available for sale
  11. floppybear

    Sold TAD Joint Protectors

    Sorry... I have absolutely no idea. It just came with the cue. Good quality caps and is flush with the butt and shaft though
  12. floppybear

    Sold TAD Joint Protectors

    Not available for sale
  13. floppybear

    WTB: Ball Return System Gold Crown I

    Currently have pockets and the ball return box. Looking for the tracks/gully, pockets, ball box system for a 9' Gold Crown 1. Please message me directly with pictures and absolute lowest price (shipped to 94080). I will not negotiate. Payment will be via PayPal
  14. floppybear

    felt cleaner

    brush table down, vacuum, then take slightly (water only) damp microfiber cloth and wipe down table.
  15. floppybear

    Sold Mezz Cues, Ignite Shafts, and Extension

    Not available
  16. floppybear

    Gold Crown 1 Parts

    I am interested in the ball return system. Does it include the box? I don't see it in any of the pictures. How much shipped to 94080?
  17. floppybear

    Sold Ladon Billiard Pool Balls

    Less than 2 months of use. Comes with two cue, 8, 9, and 10 balls (see pict). Box has minimal wear (see picts) $135 (seller pays for shipping)