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  1. BarneyCalip

    Photo of Gene Stary

    I am looking for photos of Gene Stary at the old California Billiard s in San Jose Ca. Pictures of Al the Plumber, Dennis Seacey, etc.... Early 1970 Thanks
  2. BarneyCalip

    Happy 240th Birthday US Marines

    Enjoy your day Marines. Say a prayer for our fallen brothers. Semper Fidelis.
  3. BarneyCalip

    Chinese Players hit the Cue Ball Harder ????

    I have noticed that they hit the cue ball harder. Wu Jia Qing pounds the cue ball. Ko Pin Yi hits them softer, he occasionally will slow roll a ball. It was a great match, Hill Hill between them......Ko won.
  4. BarneyCalip

    Does Shane VanBoening have a sponsor?

    Shane played great against Orcollo. He wore a blue jacket and I am sure his sponsors appreciated that !!!!!!!!!! :mad: It could be that they are not allowing players to show their sponsors on there clothing? Does anybody know?
  5. BarneyCalip

    Happy Memorial Day

    Today we remember our Fallen Brothers and Sisters with great Sorrow and Happiness. We live in a great country thanks to those who sacrificed there lives for us. RIP James Cook Carlin, Semper Fi....................
  6. BarneyCalip

    Joe Tucker Laser Trainer

    I tried to buy Joe Tucker's Laser Trainer but did not see it in his website. Tried to contact him but, I got a Host error that said my email was not private. Not sure how tovget hold of him, BarneyCalip.
  7. BarneyCalip

    Joe Tucker Products

    I want to order some of Joe's products. I submitted my question on Joe's website site and got a warning that anyone could see my Phone Number and could not send it. :( Here is what I tried to send to Joe. Joe, I was told I am Left eye dominant. I switched six months ago after playing with my...
  8. BarneyCalip

    Any updates on California Billiards?

    Family Billiards Cole Dickson Memorial Jaden do you mean the Cole Dickson Memorial. I believe it is June 28 and 29 at Family Billiards in San Francisco. Here is a picture of Cole Dickson at California Billiards Club Mountain View
  9. BarneyCalip

    Hiow Do You replace Cushions

    I have a 1923 Brunswick Balke Collender Monarch Table. I am looking to put the best rubber, is Artemis the best? I have seen them replaced by hand, by a local mechanic. I noticed that the rubber was not even it was wavy. Someone told me they used jigs in 1923 to make sure they were even across...
  10. BarneyCalip


    I just watched the latest TAR podcast with Efren and Shane. JCIN announced that this was the last TAR event, I am hard of hearing. I hope, that this isn't the case? Best Wishes to JCIN and TAR.
  11. BarneyCalip

    The Lizzard

    What can you tell me about Steven James Smith aka the Lizzard.
  12. BarneyCalip

    Ray Martin

    Ray was going to make a Instructional Pool Video, has it come out? Does anyone know how he is doing? Hoping he goes to th Derby this year, would like to take a lesson.
  13. BarneyCalip

    Wondering if I should go to Tunica

    I have been and played at the Derby but never been to Tunica. I love to see all the Pro's and Action. I do miss Louisville though it was the best. Living in Mountain View Ca. it does cost a pretty penny to fly and stay for 2 weeks. Would hate to go there and find out lot of the Pro's will not...
  14. BarneyCalip

    Wondering about Bobby Hunter Cue

    I have always wanted a 60 inch ivory jointed cue from Bobby Hunter. Would like a plain cue for around $1500. Not sure what his cues go for, can't aces his website on my IPAD? I heard he lives in Chicago? Wondering if I would be better off, pay to pay Bobby for lessons for a month instead of a...
  15. BarneyCalip

    Who makes the Best Rack

    I have a Sardo Rack which works great but it is too slow. I use my Diamond wooden rack which works great. Looking for something new. I once saw a rack that only had two sides, which folded nicely. You could fit it into your case.
  16. BarneyCalip

    How Much Does It Cost to make a Professional Video or Stream.

    I have bought a lot of Pool DVD's over the years and streams. I have never been happy with them. The lighting is bad, blurry video's, and not enough cameras. I would like to also see slow motion videos, multiple angles. I guess it is because of Money that they don't use Professionals. Like...
  17. BarneyCalip

    Tom Hay

    Tom, I went to your website and could not find Oinkers Tips? How do you order them and what is there cost? Ultraskins are 10 dollars each. What is the difference between the Ultraskins and Oinkers?
  18. BarneyCalip

    Predator BK3

    Thinking about a BK3, how do you like yours. Talked to Predator and they are working on a Sport Grip but it will be out in 2 to 3 months? Also looking into a Lomax or Jacoby.
  19. BarneyCalip

    Who won WPPA in Reno yesterday

    Does anyone know who won? Got sick and couldn't make it.
  20. BarneyCalip

    What type of wood for new Cue

    Guerra Cues Beautiful wood. Here is a photo of some of my cues. Ebony and Ivory Cue, everything black Ebony everything white Ivory. Kenny Koo, Koo Cues put this beautiful lizard skin for the wrap. Joss West, Ivory joint and ferruels. Bert Shrager , Ivory joint and ferrules. Danny Stout Jump...