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  1. J.T.450r

    What cue ball to get

    Hey everyone, I play league on 9ft tables and I have a decent table at home but every once in awhile I go to this hole in the wall bar down the street from house to play a couple games.I usually can get some $5 $10 games there on a newer valley barbox but the cue ball is one of those over sized...
  2. J.T.450r

    plug a uni loc?

    I have a customer whose jump break cue has a uniloc joint and it got stuck together, when he unscrewed it the insert came out of the shaft no big deal but He wants me to install a radial pin if possible so my question is it safe to plug and tap a shaft that will be used for breaking and jumping...
  3. J.T.450r

    west system 207

    Is it ok to use west system 207 along with 105 in cue construction such as the a joint connecting screw? I bought it thinking thats what people were using seeing it on several cue suppliers sites but I noticed that 207 is the only west system not rated as a bonder more of a finish.
  4. J.T.450r

    Checking runout

    Let me start with this is a deluxe cuesmith lathe, I took apart the chucks to clean and repair one of them that had a bur. I checked my runout using metal dowel provided with lathe, at about 1.5" away from chuck I am getting 0.002 runout more when I move further from chuck less when I get...
  5. J.T.450r

    Lego CNC

    stumbled across these while searching for more info on CNC machines found it amusing and interesting. No im not going to make or use one just wanted to share.
  6. J.T.450r

    billiard industry jobs maryland/DC/N virginia?

    I was curious if anyone in the billiards industy (Maryland/DC/N Virginia) is hiring. I may be interested in a service or sales job for a cue maker, table maker, manufacturer, large supplier or distributor. If so PM me and I will send you a resume thanks J.T.
  7. J.T.450r


    I need to buy a new bandsaw my craftsman bandsaw is done. I found this grizzly 14" saw is there anything out there better suited for cuemaking in that price range? Also is it possible to cut veneers with this? will I need the 6" extension...
  8. J.T.450r

    fighting the elements

    I unfortunately for now have my shop setup in a unconditioned garage (I work in commercial HVACR so hopefully I will condition the space in a year or two) I only heat and cool the space while working in it for now. I live in maryland so we get all 4 seasons here. I store all my materials in...
  9. J.T.450r

    Cue Makers in Maryland

    What cue makers in Maryland post here on azbilliards. I personally know 3 cue makers in my area unfortunately 1 passed on awhile back but the other 2 dont post here on az I guess im just reaching out to whoever may be in the area that posts on az thanks J.T.
  10. J.T.450r

    az shirts

    I know im way late on this one but what ever happened to the azbilliards t-shirts "got rep" shirts can we still buy them? send me a link thanks J.T.
  11. J.T.450r

    canvas phenolic tube

    I have some canvas phenolic tube from atlas is there any reason I cant (shouldnt) use it for one piece ferrule tip? This will be for a personal cue no worries about patends. What is the pros cons canvas verse linen phenolic? and difference between linen and roled/molded linen phenolic? Thanks J.T.
  12. J.T.450r

    Reverse transfer paper Does anyone use this type/brand? I wish to use rubon/transfer paper for my logo because I do not like seeing the edge of stickers and I dont have what I need to engrave my logo. I just wanted to make shure this type will work for me. Thanks J.T.
  13. J.T.450r


    What is the difference between the atlas 3/8-10 x HO SPECIAL 4" LONG TAP- ZERO LIMIT and the atlas 3/8-10 SPECIAL 4" LONG TAP ? What is HO?
  14. J.T.450r

    maryland instructor

    Just received lesson from PAT LOGAN a BCA certified instructor. I liked what he had to show me, alot of the info I could have gotten from a book but the book has been on my end table for a year and he taught me in 2 1/2 hours, also the book dosent answer my questions. There were no major flaws...
  15. J.T.450r


    Harbor freight central machinery 13"x40" gear head gap bed metal lathe. does anyone use this lathe? Is this lathe going to be okay for main lathe? I read the pdf Manuel but cant tell does this lathe have offset tailstock for tapers? Any help appreciated thanks J.T...
  16. J.T.450r

    Opinion please

    Yes this has been asked a million times..I have money in my hand to buy a lathe and try to make cues as a hobby maybe make a couple bucks. I already have alot of the woodworking equipment I will need what I am worried about purchasing is a Lathe and cnc. I noticed alot of cue makers on this site...
  17. J.T.450r

    Brand New--2008 Porper Model B Lathe-

    Just a heads up there is one in the raffle section of this forum, under wanted/for sale section for those of you who don't frequent it. $52 a spot
  18. J.T.450r

    Shop question

    How much of the cue making process and what machinery can be in an unconditioned space (garage) if any?
  19. J.T.450r

    cue repair

    How much are used cue repair lathes? And what brand are decent/proven machines? Also will most of the machines do sneakypetes out stock wood you can buy online or do you need a cue making machine not repair lathe I ask because I found this but it is out of my price...
  20. J.T.450r

    Shaft Questions Help Please

    I am in the market to buy a new shaft for my cue (3/810pin) My current shaft is original maple 12.70....I have shot with a 12.50 shaft and liked it but I have never shot with anything smaller than 12.50. I am trying to decide between a ob-2 shaft (11.75) and 314-2 shaft (12.75). I believe they...