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    Cue maker identification help? For a friend. :)

    Cue has 5/16x14 piloted joint
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    AZ Billiards Room DCC 2013 RIP

    I will always see this as a missed marketing opportunity on all sides.
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    Really glad the AZ/1P room happened this year.

    I know at times it's more of a battlefield position than a room, but I'm really glad the room happened this year and would like to see it again next year. I thought this year was an improvement over last year. It was great meeting other members and considering it all happened last minute, to me...
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    Efren Reyes is so strong...

    Some people have Superman pajamas, Superman has Efren pajamas. Efren Reyes' computer has no backspace button, Efren Reyes doesn't make mistakes. Efren Reyes can order a Big Mac at Burger King, and get one. Yeah, some of you "sophisticated" folks might know where these come from, but it's fun...
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    A slice of DCC 2011 comes to Chicago

    A good friend of mine who traveled with me to his first DCC this year had such a great time and was so impressed by the tables there that he bought one for his bar! This is the first and right now the only Diamond Pro-Am w/ Pro Cut pockets in Chicago. And it's free!
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    Logged on, scanned the first page, looked down, and only two active users on the main forum. lol I guess AZB was down? It seems it's picking up now. :)
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    sjm and Williebetmore ROCK!

    There are a couple AZ'ers here in particular I'd like to give a shout out thank you to for generousity way the heck above and beyond the call of duty; sjm and Williebetmore. First I'd like to say thanks to sjm for being the ultimate NYC host over the last year during my several visits there. I...
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    2011 DCC - Who's in from AZB this year?

    Besides me? :)
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    Shane vs Mika Feed open yet? (TAR)

    They're starting at 6:30 est right?
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    Billiards Review - United Center

    Who woulda thought a pretty nice free 9' would be just a few feet within view of the ice during a Hawks game? Okay, not exactly free, but seriously cool. I tried to get the best shot I could to show where the table was in relation to the ice, but just on the other side of the bar maybe 100'...
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    One Pocket - Pause in Stroke?

    I was reading another thread about to pause or not to pause in the backstroke, and I was wondering if anyone knew of a very strong one pocket player who had a noticeable pause in their stroke?
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    Room at Casino Available Jan 26th-29th

    I have an extra room available at the casino (DCC Rates) from Tuesday Jan 26th up till and including that Friday night. Two bed non-smoking. The deposit I've already paid is $133 so if you are interested, PM me. If you want to lock it in, I can accept Paypal for the deposit and you will need a...
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    Nearest 9' Diamond Pro Am to Chicago?

    I'm pretty much convinced there aren't any Diamond 9' pro ams in the city limits. Anyone know where the closest ones are?
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    test pic med

    med size pic
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    Thanks boradriver and sjm!

    Man what a great week out on the east coast. It was looking kind of glum a week before when it was announced that Comet Billiards was closing a day before I was to be there. However sjm and boradriver completely came to the rescue! lol I really have to thank sjm for talking me in to heading...
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    Any AZ'ers in NJ/NYC this week?

    I'm hangin' out till Fiday here in Morristown-used-to-be-near-comet-billiards-NJ, and if anyone wants to play a few cheap sets of anything, just give me a shout @ 773-699-9621. :D
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    Annoying sobriety

    There's a dude who likes to show up late like clockwork about an hour before last call at one of my favorite watering holes with a nice (free) table completely sober wanting to own the table on a bunch of happy drinkers who are anywhere between APA 3-5. The guy is less than equal speed when I'm...
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    Thanks sjm!

    It wasn't part of the plan, but I drive over to Michigan City last night alone. First, the room they were holding the tournament in was much bigger and better than last years room. Very very nice setup. I scan the venue for some familiar faces and the first one I recognize is sjm. About 30...