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  1. BuchananCues

    Sold Probotix Asteroid CNC - Custom built for Pool cues and more

    In Springfield Illinois going to send you a pm Thanks Dale
  2. BuchananCues

    Black Hornback lizard embossed leather

    Black Hornback lizard embossed leather wrap is what am looking for i need 2 piece 20 inch long for bk3 To match a le3 preadtor. Not sure if I can get it longer then 13.5 inch is all I found online Thanks Dale
  3. BuchananCues

    Gold Crown 3

    Friend of mine has 3 to sell Pro 8 foot (Over size) Gold Crown 3 Asking $2500 each includes 4 new players house cues standard ball set ( Not brunswick ) rack bridge stick Brush Also new simonis 860 choice of color New K55 rubber install now all the tables does have nicks and dents it...
  4. BuchananCues

    Joss west (big pin) collectors item

    joss west (big pin) collectors item Joss West - J with horizontal W Birdseye Maple forearm and butt Butt is 15.6OZ is straight 28 3/8 inches Original shaft 3.5oz - Ivory fer, 3.5oz, 29" ( have small roll out ) New shaft 3.7oz - Ivory fer, 3.7oz, 29" New Textured black leather Asking $1500 Am...
  5. BuchananCues

    LOOKing for Leather Wrap jig

    Looking for a used leather wrap jig i know i can buy new for around $500 was just hoping to find one at lower price. Thanks Dale
  6. BuchananCues

    (Tsp&b) todd at Want to say thank you very much with all your help. Got me set back up with tooling for repair lathe and my new machine lathe. Just all around great buying experience and advice.
  7. BuchananCues

    anyone sell a cue lathe

    Wanting to see if anyone is selling a cue lathe. I would prefer a Chris Hightower Deluxe Lathe. It is okay if it is used. I am willing to travel to pick it up. I would also be interested in a Porper Lathe model B if the price is right. If there is any tooling that goes with the lathe that...
  8. BuchananCues

    looking for lathe

    Looking for a lite used porper b lathe For sale close to Illinois Thanks dale
  9. BuchananCues

    pratt burnerd chucks

    I have a pratt burnerd chucks with collets just want to see if anyone would want Got 2k investment in sell for $1200 I only used 2 collets
  10. BuchananCues

    g code

    I been playing with bobcad 23 and mach 3 I am very new to this is there any one will to share g code for inlays and or maybe point me in the right direction Thanks Dale
  11. BuchananCues

    would like to know

    please i would like to know if anyone esle is going to be sell a chris hightower dual chuck cue building lathe here in the next 6-8 weeks i would like to find a package deal maybe with the inlay attachment too or stand alone. If not it ok i do have old DPK pantagraph. iam ready to step up the...
  12. BuchananCues

    ob shafts

    Yes on Classic ob i have on 3 classic ob shafts cause that is what customer wanted very easy install with tip pad. small change just in the hit just a little hard customer used a med tip and we change to soft to get the same play out of shaft stock ob classic ferrule are a blended polymer...
  13. BuchananCues

    pechauer joint

    I lookin for 2 quick rel pechauer joint thanks Dale
  14. BuchananCues

    Info please Ultraskin

    Ultraskin Tips How much is one tip How much is retail to customers And install cost And is the tip out shooting the kumui tips Thanks dale
  15. BuchananCues

    Router mount on EBAY

    this look to be a great buy on a strong rounter mount wish i had the money Maybe someone else can get and put on there tapering lathe
  16. BuchananCues

    Custom Viking For Sale customized

    Custom viking cue for sale had it customized Take a look Any ? Pm
  17. BuchananCues

    recut points Tool on Ebay
  18. BuchananCues

    Cue smith Repair Lathe on Ebay Wish i could get it
  19. BuchananCues


    Ok here it goes Can someone give me the measure off-set of taig tailstock to get close to a .842 at joint Still saving for tapering lathe Thanks Dale
  20. BuchananCues

    Cue Lathe on Ebay