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  1. Gunn_Slinger

    Jim Murnak is making a new kind of cue case

    Where is a market for $2500 cases ???
  2. Gunn_Slinger

    Banks 201

    A friend was playing 1 hole for $100 a game. He told his opponent he was on 2 fouls. Opponent said he didn't play 3 fouls ( which is in the rules forever ). My friend said 'if you change the rules enough, we'll be playing ping-pong' !! That is one of my all time pool statements along with Buddy...
  3. Gunn_Slinger

    The PAUSE in pool stroke

    I'm sure you can.....just wax the CB with Meguiars spray car wax ! CB comes zipping back ! Easy to draw, hard to control ! When I first got my Diamond ball cleaner, they said to use the Aramith ball cleaner or the meguiars detail wax. I cleaned them with the wax. Opps ! I was drawing whitey 3 &...
  4. Gunn_Slinger

    The PAUSE in pool stroke

    I don't on line, but I record my practice sessions and watch some of it in slo-mo or frame-by-frame. Warning ! It can be ugly !! lol.
  5. Gunn_Slinger

    The PAUSE in pool stroke

    A lot of amateur golfers ( and some pros ) Fight this all the time. Very similar to the pool stroke. If they don't have a slight transition pause at the top of the backswing , they will 'swing from the top' . This causes loss of power and the swing gets out of the grove and miss hits the ball...
  6. Gunn_Slinger

    Confusion!.......Spin the Cue ball or Center Cue ball MOSTLY?

    In the 60's and 70's with wool cloth and the old balls, many good players played 'center ball' , best I saw was Cole Dickson, although Cole used some 'helper english' , mostly outside english. Inside english was very hard to use with the old equipment. Today, it looks to me that many players...
  7. Gunn_Slinger

    otlvise? where are they now?

    The guys that moved my safe used a similar piece but it used a small tread like a mini tank tread and was motorized used a remote control. It would climb steps with ease. No hands ! lol
  8. Gunn_Slinger

    Corner ball goes straight in every rack, WTF!!!

    Years ago, I got a magic rack. I made 8 out of 10 wing balls on the break ! Piece of junk IMO.
  9. Gunn_Slinger

    Richmond Virginia

    CP Dean used to put their name on Victor Tables as Victor only put their name on the inside of their tables. Victors were in Triple Triangle room and Roy Trivett's room. But, this table doesn't look like any Victor I've seen.
  10. Gunn_Slinger

    Looking for pool coach

    Tommy Wirth is in Delray beach. Don't know how close that is from you. He teaches all pool players anything they need. He does video lessons and he travels. Email : Good luck
  11. Gunn_Slinger

    Tip - what Flavor is everybody using these days

    I've used triangles since the 90's. Bob Frey used them and they play great. I play with maple shafts. Triangles went thru a time when they were soft ( supposed to be medium hard ). Now for years they are back to medium hard. I use 14mm tips and cut them down to about 12.8mm shafts. There is one...
  12. Gunn_Slinger

    Bank Pool

    The best breaker in 2005 ( that could keep whitey on the table ) was Larry Nevel. In 2005 at a tourney in Duluth Georgia , Larry was on the gun at over 31 mph consistently ! I watch him there.
  13. Gunn_Slinger

    Races to 4 for the pro's???

    Lol. Maybe you don't show up at all ! You just give your ' Stalker ' rating to the TD !
  14. Gunn_Slinger

    Impossible shot

    no dough about it ! FOUL
  15. Gunn_Slinger

    Back Pocket 9-Ball Finals

    That is the great Weenie Beenie in the booth !
  16. Gunn_Slinger

    Cloth 860 vs 920?

    You can have very fast 860 or slow 860 depending on how tight the mech stretches the bed cloth and the rail cloth. Tell the mech what you want.
  17. Gunn_Slinger

    Can someone explain this (Alex vs Gomez)

    I could say that about the op.
  18. Gunn_Slinger

    Can someone explain this (Alex vs Gomez)

    The way we worded it. He is saying that 1p requires 3 balls be driven to a rail, which is not true. The rule on the break was that you had to have 3 balls hit rails. Which isnt much. 1P games have that.
  19. Gunn_Slinger

    Can someone explain this (Alex vs Gomez)

    ?? 1p break rules require simply a good hit. 1 OB to the rail or the CB hits a rail.