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    When is a cue considered Warped?

    I was assuming you meant if the wrap was mildly above the shoulder of the A joint then it could create almost a compound taper appearance or look warped when you rolled it on a table or whatever.
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    One piece Titlist

    Those ones are in pretty good shape. I would think $300-$350 range if they are fairly straight in the butt section. If they are .840ish roughly 29 inches up they are easier to sell as you can convert them to a wrapless, as well as what was mentioned above.
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    Point alignment

    Use the power feed for this operation. Cut first point groove to a partial depth, index to next point at same depth, index to next point at same depth, index to last point at same depth. Now go a little deeper with the groove and repeat the same operation. Repeat until your points are almost...
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    Point alignment

    Yes, check your pockets. If they are ending dead even after cutting the groove, that is a good start. I then try to keep everything perfectly on center (obviously) and keep the original centers throughout the process. You can't have any run out at the A joint or anywhere once assembled and have...
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    stepcraft m series

    Check out i2r cnc. Superior product imo but you can research it yourself. I have the i2r8 and am happy with it and the support I've gotten from them. I think they have an AZ account.
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    New leather wrap style--Florida Pebble!

    Almost looks like sting ray. I like it.
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    CnC Inlay Machine
  8. CamposCues

    CnC Inlay Machine

    I bought an I2R8. It is large enough to taper and inlay 30"+ butts and shafts, with plenty of room for the 4th axis and a setup to spin for tapering. Very accurate and the support from them has been outstanding. They also offer laser attachment add ons.
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    He always came through when I ordered something. I still use his table saw veneer cutting fixture.
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    Pool Cue Automation i2RCNC Spindle + 4th Axis Rotary kit

    Welcome to the forum! I have the 2x4 i2r8. Great machine and very accurate. It has plenty of room for full cue work. I still need the 4th axis, hopefully in the near future.
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    Black with Green Speck Irish Linen Single

    Have some coming thanks!
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    Black with Green Speck Irish Linen Single

    Hi, does anyone have a single spool of black with green speck Irish line they would part with?
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    Fixture to Hold/Index Cue in Small CNC

    Looking to build or buy (if someone has one laying around) a cue holding fixture. I have a little DaVinci CNC that I'm trying to learn CNC machining on. Z axis travel is only like 5", so I need a fairly low profile fixture to hold the cue and slide back and forth on the mill table. I think I...
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    Titlist Conversion Joint ID?

    Any idea who might have made a joint like this on a very old Titlist conversion?
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    Cue ID

    Guy said he bought it 30 some years ago. Finish seems too good for a cue that old but who knows. Joint is brass with an SS sleeve over it. Full splice. Well built. No markings anywhere.
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    Campos Cues x 3

    The first cue is ebony into birdsey, ob1 shaft with moori soft, SS 5/16-14 piloted joint, white with green spec linen wrap, delrin butt cap, 19.4 ounces. It is my personal player and 9.9 out of 10 condition. $500 Second cue is new. It is amboyna burl into birdseye, lizard embossed leather wrap...
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    WTB Mahogany or Dark Brown Joint Collars

    Anyone have a couple 1/2"ish mahogany or dark brown joint collars for a shaft and butt I can buy? I don't care about the weave, just looking for something dark reddish brown or dark brown. I have natural/light brown and it's not the shade I'm looking for. PM me. Thanks!
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    WTB: Amboyna Burl

    Looking for a dry piece of nicely figured amboyna 1.5 x 1.5 x 14+ pm me if you have a piece you can part with. Thanks in advance.
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    Not mine but only $1900:) Wow!
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    WTB Linen

    Just did my first titlist conversion to be my personal player. Old school look, nothing fancy. I ordered white/green linen and put it on but I don't like it. From any more than 2 feet away it pretty much just looks white. I'm not sure if I ordered white/light green on accident or what. At any...