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  1. John Brumback

    A quick shout out to my sponsors

    Lomax custom cues. Simonis Cloth Diamond Billiards products RJ and his awesome Magic Chalk. PS: and looking for some more:thumbup: Thanks,John B.
  2. John Brumback

    curving an object ball....
  3. John Brumback

    Bank shots...

    If you want to become a better banker,start thinking about the method to hit the "bank shot" instead of worrying about some system about how to aim the bank shot. If you know the best method for the bank shot at hand,you will not have to AIM so precise anyway.. Champions use methods..suckers...
  4. John Brumback

    My favorite quote...

    And I came up with it too!!!. :thumbup: "you are too smart to learn" I kinda feel bad about it tho,because I came up with it for my best friend. Well anyway..... Hopefully this could help someone in playing better or even good pool... but then again maybe not. John B.
  5. John Brumback

    John Mars trick shaft?

    Has anyone got to play with that trick shaft that he has? He got me with it,lol. Talk about deflection,wow! He said I got a cue that you can't make a ball with and I said where's it at. He said I'll be right back. Well I grab it and fire the first shot in,a long cross corner,then I just laid...
  6. John Brumback

    Pool is like golf...It's a

    guessing game. To play good or great pool,you need to be able to guess. There is no exact science that is going to help you play good or great pool. The (cue ball and the object ball at times) swerves and curves and skids and hops and rolls off and comes up short down south and does all of...
  7. John Brumback

    Cue balls? Whats your fav?

    Whats your favorite? I'm using the cyclops just because that's what they use at the dcc. It seems to hop and skid more than any cue ball I have ever used. Seems hard to draw too. My fav is the measle. Thanks in advance. John B.
  8. John Brumback

    Can you be too smart to play good pool?

    I think so. I also think that it pays to be dumb,or at least act like it. I even came up with a saying for it,that I tell some people when I'm trying to help them. " your too smart to learn " and the other one..." your too smart to ever play good pool" I have never in my life seen or heard...
  9. John Brumback

    Help and trade.

    I've tried looking it up with no luck. I'm trying to find ( and have) all my past finishes ( one pocket,banks, and 9ball and Master of the table) of the last 17 dcc's. I would trade one of my dvd's for the list if anyone can get it to me. Thanks, John B.
  10. John Brumback

    I'll try to answer any questions about my dcc adventure

    I'm not very good at long reports but if anyone has questions they would like to ask,I will be glad to try to help. Thanks,John B.
  11. John Brumback

    Did pretty good I think.

    First I would like to thank all the azb'ers that came up to me at the dcc and chatted with me. I wish i could remember them all but the whole week turns into kind of a blur after about 5 or 6 days for me. It's very hard to stay rested up down there. The more you win the more you have to...
  12. John Brumback

    Dilemma...opinions welcome.

    Thanks in advance. Here's my dilemma,I will be moving into another house within the next year or so. (my old "homestead" where I grew up). So that means I have to move my pool table. Well I have a room in the house that has plenty of room for it but it is right in the middle of the floor...
  13. John Brumback

    Trying to get Earl to sign my case at the DCC

    Thought I would share this little story about Earl Strickland. I had been waiting for the right time to catch Earl so I could get him to sign my case. One afternoon I'm walking down the hall way heading to my room.I see Earl coming down the hall at me.I stop him. (Earl and I have known each for...
  14. John Brumback

    My cue case and a few autographs

    Just a little something I thought I would share and some might find interesting and maybe a good idea for some too. I don't know how many years ago it's been but I had an old porper style cue case that I was about ready to retire. ( I had been carrying it for over 20 years ) Well one of the...
  15. John Brumback

    The first time I met CJ Wiley..funny story

    I think it was mid to late 80's. I was hanging around All Star Billiards in Lexington,KY. If I was not already there they would call me to come down if a road player came into to town. Well I was at home one afternoon and got a call ( I should mention that not many if any pool players had cell...
  16. John Brumback

    If anyone wants to send me a PM,I'm here

    If anyone has some questions that they don't want to post or ask publicly. Thanks,John B. PS: I know I have had quite few asking about lessons. Sorry to say that I just won't have time until after the DCC.
  17. John Brumback

    A couple plugs for a couple of my cue sponsors.

    I hope this ok to do. I have two cue sponsors. The cues I play with,which are Lomax Custom Cues.( Steve Lomax,you can find him an FB) IMO the best playing cues that I have ever used. And my other cue Sponsor is Jamie W. of Jamie deals in high end cues and is a great person,one of...
  18. John Brumback

    Banking tip

    When shooting 2 railers and or most multiple rail banks...use outside english. It will let the ball turn over for cross table shots and it will help the other ones track to the hole on a better line.Of course you will need matching speed. Works good on long 2 in the sides also ( the outside...
  19. John Brumback


    Would you rather know all the science that is involved in a pool shot or would you just rather know how to play top speed pool? Yes or no would be fine. Thanks,John B.
  20. John Brumback

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas pool people!! From the Brumback family, Val,Patrick and John.