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  1. itzel0101

    ~~>~>~>~~>F/S 3x6 whitten cue case <~~<~<~<~~

    New whitten 3x6 sold
  2. itzel0101

    Sold ~~>~>~>~~> F/s Jerry Franklin sw <~~<~<~<~~

    Jerry Franklin Merry Widow 19.5oz 12.3mm Micarta ferrule $SOLD
  3. itzel0101

    ~~>~>~>~~>F/S Tredway titlist cue <~~<~<~<~~

    Treadway titlist cue Butt:W14.6oz radial pin Shaft:W4.1oz 13.03mm Shaft:W3.7oz 13.13mm Condition: Mint shape! Smoking Price $SOLD
  4. itzel0101

    Iso: Custom cues top tier only!

    Pm or text me asap!
  5. itzel0101

    Any Steve Klein cues out there?

    I’ve got these 3
  6. itzel0101

    Wtb: Haley’s / showman’s

    Cash ready !
  7. itzel0101

    ~~>~>~>~>~~>F/S Southwest Cue <~~<~<~<~<~~

    Southwest 2004  Butt:15.7oz Shaft:3.7oz 12.80 Shaft:3.8pz 12.90 Condition: nice shape Price:$4750
  8. itzel0101

    ~~>~>~>~~> F/S Propel jump cue <~~<~<~<~~

    Here’s a brand new propel Jump cue at a smoking price! W:10.7oz brand new unplayed $SOLD
  9. itzel0101

    ~~>~>~>~~> F/S Phillippi cue <~~<~<~<~~

    Here’s a phillippi player cue that you don’t wanna miss on! Butt:W14.9oz L29” 5/16x14 Shaft:W3.7oz L29” 12.20 predator 314/2 Condition: The Cue does have some battle scars on the butt sleeve but other than that is a monster player don’t miss out on it! $700
  10. itzel0101

    ~~>~>~>~~>F/S Darrin hill cue <~~<~<~<~~

    Here’s a beautiful Darren Hill at a crazy price don’t miss out on this Cue. Butt:W15.6oz L29” 3/8x10 Shaft:W3.5oz L29” 11.71mm Shaft:W3.2oz L29” 11.68mm Condition:Nice condition and straight Sold
  11. itzel0101

    Sold ~~>~>~>~>~~> F/S James white cue <~~<~<~<~<~~

    James white cue Butt:W15.2oz L29” 5/16x14 11.8revo shaft one of the best combinations out there! SOLD!
  12. itzel0101

    Sold ~~>~>~>~>~~> F/S Randy Mobley cue <~~<~<~<~<~~

    Here’s a beautiful Randy Mobley Butt:15.6oz 5/16x14 Shaft:3.8oz 12.60mm Shaft:3.8oz 12.65mm Condition:Mint shape Price $SOLD
  13. itzel0101

    WTB Any Vintage Adam Cues

    Send me a pm
  14. itzel0101

    Sold ~~>~>~>~~> FS Jerry Franklin Sw <~~<~<~<~~~

    Jerry Franklin southwest Comes with loa Butt:W15.6oz 3/8x11 Shaft:W3.8oz 13.13mm Shaft:W3.2oz 12.40mm Condition: Nice shape! Price:$5500
  15. itzel0101

    ~~>~>~>~>~~> FS Steve Klien bushk <~~<~<~<~<~~

    killer style bushk made by Steve klien Butt:W15.8oz 5/16x14 Shaft:W4.0oz 12.6mm Condition:Mint condition😉👍🏻 Price$2499obo
  16. itzel0101

    ~~>~>~>~>~~>FS Thoroughbred cue <~~<~<~<~<~~

    Here’s a rare Thoroughbred cue from Jess June and the Mcdaniel shop after bill retired … Some came with caps and case very few were made and have a chip in the handle to identify the cue! Butt:15.2oz 5/16x14 Shaft:3.8oz 12.8mm Shaft:3.7oz 12.9mm Condition:Nice & all original $1800 The...