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  1. ugotactionTX

    Shelby Williams Full Splice Cue FOR SALE!

    Gorgeous full splice cue from Shelby Williams. Cue is in EXCELLENT condition (basically test hit) and of course it plays great like all of Shelby's cues. Butt is 30" Shaft is 29" Weight is 19.5oz. (approx) $ SOLD $ Pending Payment! Free Shipping to USA. Feel free to make an offer! NO...
  2. ugotactionTX

    What happened to❓ genomachino

    so you didn't even buy his DVD... but still feel the need to complain that you got nothing out of it? Holy shit man you're some kinda special aren't you
  3. ugotactionTX

    Brunswick Anniversary Parts Needed

    these guys have just about everything!
  4. ugotactionTX

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    not even remotely funny...but ok.
  5. ugotactionTX

    Bump or Flaw in refinishing?

    Honestly...I've never understood why people post with such opinionated "authority" when they haven't even taken the time to read the thread.
  6. ugotactionTX

    Bump or Flaw in refinishing?

    I know what your saying and it can happen quite easily... however that does NOT look like damage from a whack. It looks like a flaw in the finish that no one noticed until it flaked off.
  7. ugotactionTX

    Bump or Flaw in refinishing?

    oh man that's EXTRA shitty and very disappointing.... I've been recommending them for this kind of work for years. I guess Ill be reconsidering in the future... Please keep us updated on the the outcome.
  8. ugotactionTX

    Bump or Flaw in refinishing?

    Yeah that's lame. It looks like a flaw in the finish that wasn't noticed by anyone. However, regardless of who built the cue, if you didn't sent it to Scott @ Proficient Billiards for the refinish... you should have.
  9. ugotactionTX

    New AzB Platform.....

    For the record... switching to "Shades of Grey" made it at LEAST 85% better! I think the rest we'll just have to get used to.
  10. ugotactionTX

    for those with multiple cues which play best ??

    Yes sir. Not my picture but it's this model.
  11. ugotactionTX

    Mosconi Cup Stream... this worked for me.

    After the frustration of having to SEARCH for a way to watch without paying for DAZN, I found that if I use my VPN and set it to a server that's not "on the list" of broadcasts, the stream shows up and plays beautifully right off of Facebook. In this case I used IP VANISH and set the server...
  12. ugotactionTX

    Picture of an old pool hall...

    I love these . North Carolina 1940's
  13. ugotactionTX

    I'm sure it's a bad bet... --Mosconi Cup--

    but just so ill care a little more Ill take USA even for 50$ anyone?
  14. ugotactionTX

    2018 Texas BCA State Championships...

    who's going?
  15. ugotactionTX

    Where's Sylvar Ochoa

    Used to hear about his exploits pretty often. He was playing so well 2009-? and I just realized that I haven't seen his name in a long time. Does he still play?
  16. ugotactionTX

    Snooker table assembly for the 2017 World Championships

    Nice little video... these boys are very particular!
  17. ugotactionTX

    ideas for an "over the counter" Ball Polish/Cleaner

    We have a big local 9 ball tournament coming up this weekend and I need some suggestions. Gonna be a pretty big field and we want to have the equipment in the best possible shape. The tables are all recently recovered with blue Simonis (could be championship) so we're in good shape there...
  18. ugotactionTX

    Manny and his homies

    Saw this picture on a Rolex forum where they were discussing Manny's YG Yachtmaster II. Just thought it was cool. carry on :)
  19. ugotactionTX

    Please say a little prayer for my friend.

    Many of you know, have played or have heard of Jeff Franklin, an excellent player from here in North Texas. He was traveling yesterday in his uncle's small plane when they ran into trouble and crashed in Mississippi. Thank God no one was killed but all 3 passengers were injured to various...
  20. ugotactionTX

    Jake Hulsey Full Splice

    Here are few pictures of my full splice Jake Hulsey cue. Had it for a couple of years and intended on showing it off before now but never did. He built this right before his meteoric rise. The stuff that he's doing now boggles my brain. anyway hope you like it. Goncalo and straight grain...