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  1. barking4action

    Can you see this

    Test to see if anyone can see this
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    Can anyone see this
  3. barking4action

    Professionally stabalized maple burl

    $110 a stick plus shipping. 1.5" x 17-19"
  4. barking4action

    Steve lomax redwood burl jump stick

    $425 plus shipping. 2 available Parrot cues blank finished by Steve lomax 19 oz 13 mm 58" long $500 plus shipping Not on here much 9255979919
  5. barking4action

    Jim vest dymondwood j/b

    Last of the old school Caps included. Brand new. 19.8 oz, 13.2 mm, samsara tip $700 shipped Not on here much 9255979919
  6. barking4action

    Anyone need fresh buckeye burl I just got 2000 lbs worth

    Hit me up if you would like a piece or a slab
  7. barking4action

    B grade shaft squares $4

    As title states. 15 of them have been sold. 1" kiln dried. Shipping paid by buyer. Not on here much. Can't sell anything here but thought I would try before fb people buy it all up.
  8. barking4action

    Big leaf maple. Quilted and burl. Professionally stabalized

    24x1.5". Professionally done by wood dynamics. Pm for price Not in here much 9255979919
  9. barking4action

    Rack runner is defunct

    If you have a cue on order. Start going through the PayPal process to get your money back. He hasn't lived up to his orders. Big ordeal about it on fb.
  10. barking4action

    New jim vest dymondwood j/b $650 shipped

    Just finished. Caps will be polished 19.8 oz 13.2 mm radial g10 pin phenolic ferrule and samsara tip $650 shipped
  11. barking4action

    I started a new wood group of fb. Check it out

    Lots of good wood and sellers. Check it out
  12. barking4action

    Ebony cognoscenti $1050 jb history case

    Cue rolls well 12.75 mm shaft. Around 19 oz Text for more pics or info. Not on Az much anymore.
  13. barking4action

    Haeger cue extension

    As title states. 9255979919
  14. barking4action

    Pre selling 24" x 11.5" x 1.75" slabs buckeye burl

    I just bought a 730 lbs buckeye burl. Pre selling 6 slabs. I have one sold. The people that buy one will have the choice from the remaining slabs. I am cutting 10 and keeping 4. I'll take last pick of them. I will have a bunch of stabalized and dyed 3 months later. I have a bunch now from my...
  15. barking4action

    Hightower front and rear chuck wanted

    I have a friend looking for the front and rear chuck for a Hightower deluxe. Any out there ?
  16. barking4action

    Tony Sauer jump/break

    Brand new shipped from tony. $365 shipped
  17. barking4action

    Unique cue monster cnc lathe with quite router

    Still waiting on starting work hopefully next week. This was Antonio Maninha bread and butter lathe. Don't want to sell it but could use the cash flow. Does not include the software but I have a $150 computer that does include it. Has some extras. Put in storage currently so this is the picture...
  18. barking4action

    Bca event brought in $152,400 and paid out $54,300

    Vegas BCA event brought in $152,400 and paid out $54,300 That is just sick. I understand that they could be operating at a loss and trying to make up for that. I feel it's gonna kill the Vegas event. Anyone think large competive pool tournaments like this might be gone in 4 years ? Many pros...
  19. barking4action

    Dymondwood dowels for sale

    These are very rare. 2 rods ( enough for a cue) @ 30". Available in green or brown $180 shipped
  20. barking4action

    I have 30-48" 1.5" dowels of old stock dymkndwood

    I'm selling 48" dowels for $120 and 2 30" dowels for $180 it's expensive. I have green and brown. Blue is sold out. This is one of the last orders before he plant burned down. I'm not on here much anymore 9255979919 or fb messenger is best No trades