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    Mixture of rings f/s

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    Maple Handle rounds f/s

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    New!! Relocating/whole shop f/s thread. Prices drastically reduced

    My relocation date is getting closer. This stuff has to go! I have drastically reduced prices on everything. All though I think the prices are plenty low, I will entertain all offers. PayPal is When paying please make a note on PayPal what your payment is for. Items will be...
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    1x30 shaft dowels f/s

    101 Straight, white, some have slight grain run off, 8-15 gpi. The pics I took are of a few random blanks. I did not choose them for the pics. All 101 are of similar quality. $6.00 each shipped or $610 for all shipped
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    New items added to the relocating/whole shop for sale thread

    Tried changing the title on the original thread but it wouldn't let me.
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    Relocating/whole shop for sale

    Relocating/whole shop for sale****new items**** 10/9/2011 First come, first serve. And by that I mean, first to pay. I don't care who you are or when you say you will pay, I'm not holding anything without money. Price is listed with shipping included unless otherwise noted. Check the first...
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    FS-Taig CNC Mill

    On vaca right now. Will post some pics and price when I return. Just checking to see if anyone is interested. Used very little, 4 axis, have mount for dremel, portal cable lam trimmer, the factory set up that came with it and two wolfgang engineering high speed spindles. I think there junk...
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    Bision 6 jaw for sale

    Brand new Bision 6 jaw with a D1-4 back plate and a set of soft jaws. I mounted it once about a year ago but never turned anything with it. I was having a problem with repeatability and found out I had to take a pass on the back plate and haven't had the time and now financial reasons are...
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    Problem w/ 4th axis

    As quickly as I can...Taig CNC Mill, Mach3 and spindle from Unique Products which is an NSK with electronics that Unique had designed I guess. I have used this for a little while now with no problems. I took a break from cues for about the last month. Fired it up tonight and when I turn the...
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    Copper in a cue?

    Anyone ever seen/used copper in a cue? I have a guy that scraps copper and wants to use some in a cue. I'm not a metal guy but I wouldn't think it would be any different than using any other metal. I'm guessing there is a reason you don't see it used though. Jason
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    Removing a G10 Pin?

    Has anyone had to do this yet? Heat or cut? Jason
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    Wood Pins

    I just recently started messing with live tooling. I am wanting to give a wood pin a try. Never played with one. Advantages/disadvantages...besides the obvious? What type of wood is the best to use. I would guess ebony and coco maybe? Jason
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    Cuetec bumper

    I have a bumper to replace. I found one online but I don't think thats the one. The one I found has a screw in it but on the cue there isn't anything to screw it to. By looking at the cue, it looks like it needs a bumper with a threaded stem. Any suggestions? Thanks Jason
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    Schon ferrule

    I got a schon in for a ferrule job and the material on it has the grain pattern of ivory but doesn't cut or smell like ivory. It's also alot more yellow than any ivory I have ever seen. I know there isn't any man made material that resembles ivory like this did. I assume it's ivory?? Any input...
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    Cue-Tec Joint Pin Size

    Does anyone know off hand? 3/8-14 I think I remember hearing? Thanks, Jason
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    Blotchy Eboney

    I think this has happened to me once before too but last night I sealed a cue with Devcon 5min and there are some almost florescent green blotchy areas in the eboney. These areas appered with in minutes of applying it. I don't remember what I did the last time to fix it. I'm sure I'll make it...
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    Logo on pin?

    Hey guys, the way I put my logo on my butt cap is to switch the A and Y axis on the controller. Can't remember who told me to do this but it works just fine, but I do remember they told me that when switching the axis's (??) it would come out a little different size than if I were to cut it on a...
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    Jewlers saw

    Do you think around 28,000 rpm is to fast to run a jewlers saw? Without looking I think the blade is 2.5 dia .040 thick Jason
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    Gun Drill F/S

    I have a gun drill used probably twice. 5/8 x 18, side air with 5/8 shank. Comes with a different drill chuck for use with the Hightower Deluxe. $115 plus shipping Jason
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    Quick Change Tool Post F/S

    Not sure if I should be posting this here? If not sorry. I have a A2Z CNC Quick Change Tool Post for the Hightower Lathe for sale. Perfect condition. With four standard stick tool holders, one cut-off and one 3/8 boring bar holder. 60.00 plus shipping. You can check it out at there site...