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  1. billy bones

    Eddie Kaline

    I hardly ever come to azbilliards anymore. But just out of the blue I punched n Eddy Koelleins name, spell wrong of course on the internet and your response popped up from last month. Thank you for the response. I had a real soft spot for Eddie. Used to play him all the time on Thompson Lane...
  2. billy bones

    Best handheld vacuum for a pool table?

    I use this Armor All 2hp shop vac. It works very good.
  3. billy bones

    level table with a drift

    My table at home appears to be level. according to both of my levels 4 and 2 ft. the table is level. I can take a stripe ball length of the table center diamond medium speed, dead center hit, little to no roll off. Same shot 1st diamond it will make a dead hit on the opposite diamond but as the...
  4. billy bones

    new case for riding motorcycle

    My bike is a 1980 Kawasaki KZ 550 LTD
  5. billy bones

    Eddie Kaline

    I was just curious if any folk out there knew an old Nashville pool player named Eddie Kaline. I knew him years ago when he was well past his prime. He had fallen into hard times . Spent quite a spell homeless. At that time he was living in a motel on Thompson Lane in the Berry Hill area. He was...
  6. billy bones

    new case for riding motorcycle

    After a 38 year absence I started riding a motorcycle again. I need a case that is safe to transport my cues strapped across my back. I have more than reasonable fear of strap failure and losing my cues to the pavement at 70 mph. I wish to avoid this. I appreciate any input on this matter. Thank...
  7. billy bones

    Huebler shaft and 57 inch cue

    Its been a long time indeed since I've posted anything. About a year and a half ago I started playing with an old Huebler that was given to me by a friend. I liked it as its hit and feel reminded me of the cues I played with when I was coming up. I only have one shaft. I need another. But alas...
  8. billy bones


    After almost 18 years I returned to my hometown of Nashville on Thanksgiving day.. When I left Nashville was a pool Mecca. I went to JOB's. It's a ****ing dump. A regular pigsty. There used to be pool halls & pool bars everywhere. So far the only decent place I have found is TNT BILLIARDS on...
  9. billy bones

    My old Benson

    I am in search for my old Benson cue. At the time it was stolen two of the four shafts I believe we're left behind. It was a simple looking cue. No Gingerbread to spel of. It had a Tan wrap & the initials JCS on the bottom. John C. Shuput, Omaha John. It was the cue he won the Mler Lite World...
  10. billy bones

    Chito Bueno

    It's been a long time since I've put anything at all here. Nostalgia grabbed ahold of me. Back in bout 96 I played on the Nashville league in a dump bar right next to the south police precinct station on Nolensville Rd. I don't tember the name of the little shithole. It was owned by an old fat...
  11. billy bones

    jimmy Reid

    I just got off the phone with my friend Jimmy. He's had a rough go here lately . But as always remains a fighter & optimistic. In the morning he goes in for surgery. I ask that everyone keep Jimmy in your heart, thoughts & your prayers. thank you. Billy Bones
  12. billy bones

    '96 US open One Pocket

    How many players were in the field in the 1996 US Open One Pocket Tourney?
  13. billy bones

    Posting new picture

    How do I post a picture from my email account to my user cp and to this site. I found a picture of Omaha John playing using the Benson cue I got from him that was stolen from me years ago. I have made post here before trying to locate my cue. Perhaps this may help me accomplish this. Not to...
  14. billy bones

    Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmm!!!

    I have been playing on and off since the early70's. Last night I saw something I have never seen before i've never even heard of this before. My playing cue is a Predator. It was in it's holder near my table. No one was home or had been all day or night. Around 10 pm I went to play.As I reached...
  15. billy bones


    I remember when Simonis felt first started showing up at pool halls and bars. Back then especially in bars most tables were covered in what they considered a durable product with a high knap.MOst notable aomng those were the Valley bar boxes. I have been away from the game fora number of years...
  16. billy bones


    Here's a real shot in the dark. I realize my chances of this actually producing the desired results are astronomicaly miniscule. However here I go. I am looking for a specific pool cue I once owned. It was a Benson, tan wrap, 19 3/4 oz. With the intials JCS on the butt. I would appreciate it if...
  17. billy bones


    I wonder if there is anyone out there who remembers the old pool hall in Dallas from the 70's it's name was EJ's pool hall, 1204 S. Buckner Blvd. An old man named Willie ran it. A fellow named Big Ed worked there. I frequented the establishment along with Steve Hines, Junior "Slipstroke", Adam...
  18. billy bones


    Just curious. I was going to ask what cue Keith is using now days. Of course the logical progression is this, "What cues are the top players, old & current using ? Seems interesting to me at least. Billy Bones
  19. billy bones

    snooker shaft

    I play with a Predator cue. I have played on & off for nigh on 40 years. Many years ago I played a few games of golf on a 12' snooker table. Other than that I never touched them. Recently I returned to pool. One of my friends asked me to play snooker. I literally did not know how to play or keep...
  20. billy bones

    old greats on a Barbox

    This is a spinoff from a response I made on the thread of who was the best ever barbox player. So here is my question, it is of course subjective to each posters opinion but should prove to be interesting. Here we go. How would the old greats in their prime, have played on Barboxes ? Players...