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  1. Sharivari

    why do some pros fly to England for the tournament, when they have a small chance of winning?

    Because participating in tournaments is as important as practicing. You need that competition vibe to stay sharp and mentally strong. If you aren't going to tournaments because you can't win, then nobody would go to tournaments anymore. I am participating in the European Open, it will definetly...
  2. Sharivari

    The Most Surprising Shot in Pool History

    Yes indeed. that's what I am always telling people when they complain about me getting lucky. On a kick shot for example, you first must be able to hit the ball rail first and play it at a speed that gives you the highest chance of a good outcome. Vice versa, I don't complain when my opponent...
  3. Sharivari

    The Most Surprising Shot in Pool History

    Alain Martel actually commented on the video explaining what his intention was when playing the shot: "I had the choice between two shots since I could not complicate the game by blocking other balls. First the masse by the rail around the 5 ball to touch the 2 ball, I didn't like that choice...
  4. Sharivari

    Do you have to put chen on cue to aim ?

    Your personal right cue alignment is most important for straight shots. It decided if a shot just looks straight to you, or if it is really straight. With the wrong alignment, the two 2D images that your brain receives by your eyes will be shifted, therefore a slight angle will look straight to...
  5. Sharivari

    How to Aim with Side Spin

    I usally don't post any of my videos here, because I don't want to use AZB as a promotion tool. But I've recently published a video about how to aim with side spin, that might be helpful for a couple of you here. Yes - it's not perfect, I left out some details in order to simplify the process...
  6. Sharivari

    What would you do here?

    Most of them told me that they would probably go two rails. One rail is also possible, but the zone gets just a tiny bit smaller that way. So depending on how comfortable you feel with the inside spin, you can go two rails. If not, just go one rail.
  7. Sharivari

    What would you do here?

    Thanks to everyone who participated. I asked twelve professional players the same question. Behind their name is the pocket they chose: Fedor Gorst - E Niels Feijen - E Karl Boyes - E Alexander Kazakis - E David Alcaide - E Ralf Souquet - E Thorsten Hohmann - E Dennis Grabe - E Mario He - E...
  8. Sharivari

    What would you do here?

    It's great to see how much you're discussing this shot. I read a bit through your replies and it's really interesting. I am actually going to use the results of this survey for an upcoming video. Going to be a big one. I even took the time to talk to 10 top notch professional players about this...
  9. Sharivari


    Well done!
  10. Sharivari

    What would you do here?

    Hello guys, I am doing some research for a possible future video. Could you give me your vote on the pocket of your choice for the seven ball? I allowed to choose multiple pockets, in case you are trying to have multiple options depending on your accuracy in cue ball control. This is the 9...
  11. Sharivari

    Sharivari's take on aiming systems

    You can't say that. I had a conversation with Ralf Souquet the other day, discussing about this topic. He also uses the ghost ball on certain shots. However, I wouldn't call him a beginner.
  12. Sharivari

    Aiming System Or Not?

    Oh, can a mod move it into the other forum?
  13. Sharivari

    Aiming System Or Not?

    I've always had the feeling that this topic divides people the most. So I finally made a video about it. Keep in mind, that this is my personal opinion and that it worked for me. I am also convinced, that this approach is going to work for a lot of other players, that's why I've shared it. Side...
  14. Sharivari

    I found my perfect training game

    You can actually adjust the rules that way. Let's say you are in a tough position and prefer a safety shot. Play it successfully, with a full cover: you get 3 extra points. Play a containing safety, and you get 1 extra point. That way you are able to get rewarded for good - and better safety play.
  15. Sharivari

    I found my perfect training game

    During a training session with one of my students, he was playing against the ghost in 9 Ball. I've noticed, that this wasn't ideal for him. He was constantly racking the balls, then playing one or two shots and got more and more frustrated. I thought that there must be a better way to practice...
  16. Sharivari

    Another Gimmick Or Legit?

    Yes, they were just stealing my videos to promote their product. Never used it. Happened very frequently a couple of months ago, unfortunately I couldn't find and report everything.
  17. Sharivari

    Top 10 BEST SAFETIES of All Time … And How to Shoot Them

    Very good video Doc. My favorite is #8.
  18. Sharivari

    What would You have done here?

    I just published a new video ( that deals with shot selection and probabilities. I think the concept should be clear for the majority. However this kind of video offers a lot to discuss about. And from the comments I got on YouTube I see that it has already started...
  19. Sharivari

    Important Tips for Beginners

    As a pool player and coach I noticed one thing that many beginners do wrong, when playing shots with spin on the cue ball. The mind blowing thing is, that they could actually get better results with less effort. I've put it into a video: It's just one small thing...