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  1. travis trotter

    What is the best cue you ever played pool with?

    i play with my cuetec r360 cue !
  2. travis trotter


    yes i do still shoot good nine ball in fact anyone can be a good pool player!
  3. travis trotter


    hello Everyone i am back whats been going on since i have been away ?
  4. travis trotter

    hello all

    hello all i am sure that most of you wanna know what i have been up to since 5-02-2020 !
  5. travis trotter

    Dr Daves billiards dvds

    has anyone her ever bought dvds of Dr daves billiards as i am looking to learn more on the game of pocket billiards !
  6. travis trotter


    im back for some good pool news and stuff i am still playing pool and yes cuetec is still my top cue have not heard any news around here!
  7. travis trotter

    new cuetec prestige cue

    this will be my new playing cue next year !
  8. travis trotter

    billiard trade expo !

    i saw the new allison fisher cue line that she has at the billiard expo has anyone else !
  9. travis trotter

    chalk holder

    has anyone here used one of these before ?:smile:
  10. travis trotter

    triangle billiard chalk

    does anybody know if triangle chalk is as good as masters chalk ?:smile:
  11. travis trotter


    hello everyone how is everyone doing!
  12. travis trotter

    cuetec meteor break cue

    im looking for the cuetec meteor break cue does anyone here have one that i could buy ? must have pictures of the cue !
  13. travis trotter

    cuetec meteor break cue

    does anyone here have a cuetec meteor break cue for sale? as i am looking tp ugrade my break cue!:)
  14. travis trotter

    cuetec discontinued cues

    does anyone here know were i can find out about cuetec cues that are no longer being made ?:)
  15. travis trotter

    playing with cuetec since 2005 !

    i have been playing with cuetec cues since 2005 that's 13 years that i have been playing with them
  16. travis trotter

    sterling cue cases

    does anybody know if sterling cue cases are a good case for your cue?:smile:
  17. travis trotter

    i enjoy playing pool

    i must say i enjoy playing a good game of pool cause its a fun way to relax
  18. travis trotter

    pretty boy floyd the pool hustler

    does anybody here know if pretty boy floyd the pool hustler still plays pool or not?
  19. travis trotter

    viking wolves cue

    looking for a viking wolves cue in the g series would anyone here know how to find this cue?!
  20. travis trotter


    does anyone her that is a pool player know if allison fisher is like playing pool anymore ?