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    looking for room 28 to 31

    Hoping maybe someone has a last minute room at the horse they can part with for the derby city look for thurs 28 th to the 31 st please let me know hope someone can help
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    looking to buy older McDaniels 5-16/14 poilted black silver ring shaft

    I'm looking to buy a stiff hitting older shaft either scruggs McDaniels something very dense and stiff hitting atleast 12.6 mm and up to 13mm looking for one to fit my McDaniels jump break cue black collar with silver ring if you have a shaft that will fit send me a message let me know what you...
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    looking for a solid hitting old growth shaft g10 pin

    I'm looking to buy a 30 inch solid stiff hitting older shaft wood shaft atleast 12.5 to 13mm could be ivory ferrule or ivory substitute or Micarta ferrule as long as it's straight if you have one your looking to sell PM me with price it's needs to fit a g10 pin also if you know a cue maker who...
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    forsale pfd sneaky pete

    Selling a pfd sneaky pete for a friend of mine here is some pictures of the cue 4 points Cocobola points and curly maple Ivory hope ring in butt 1 shaft 12.75 non ivory ferrule Flat face radial pin was told joint is not ivory but not 100% some people down at the expo said it is looks like...
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    looking for a predator cue or sneaky with predator 314-2 shaft

    Have a friend looking for a predator cue not a predator sneaky with 314-2 shaft nothing crazy or a custom sneaky pete with a 314-2 shaft he doesn't like the thin z shafts he's looking for cues under 500 if any one has something in that price range send me pictures and price to
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    forsale or trade

    I'm looking to trade or sell this custom kanaka cue retail price new was $1000 Joint collars natural phenolic linen maple and ebony dashed brass ring joint pin uni loc brass radial pin Front aged Birdseye maple points aged Brazilian rosewood black dyed veneer handle wood 40 year old titlist...
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    cue maker info

    Trying to find contact info for brian king last heard he was in Huntsville any one have this cue makers contact info would appreciate it
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    looking for a sneaky

    Friend of mine is just getting back into the game after he hit some hard times he's looking for a sneaky pete with steel joint or wood to wood if possible would like a shaft 12.5 to 13 if possible with a tiger shaft his money is tight he's looking to spend between 150 -200 if possible Maybe...
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    forsale 1988 older 4 point paul mottey

    I'm gonna be selling a 1988 4 point steel joint Paul mottey players cue the signature is almost warn off and let me tell you this about the cue a lot of people that have hit balls with this cue think its a szamboti it has 4 points with venners 5/16-14 poilted jointed a smooth leather wrap and 2...
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    package deal 8 point vollmer and mcdaniel jump break

    Selling my 8 point vollmer and mcdaniel jump break for a quick sale first $2600 takes this combo set pictures are up on my other thread
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    forsale 8 point vollmer forsale

    Got this Vollmer 8 point first class ebony knife detailed points into first class grey stained Birdseye maple.Ebony butt sleeve, croc black leather. Mint condition, 1 shaft 12.83mm 4.13 oz, slightly used in excellent condition, 1 new shaft from Michael 12.94mm 4.42oz! . Both shafts lbm ferrules...
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    forsale rare mcdaniel jump break

    I'm going to be selling a rare mcdaniel jump break this week cue is a great player cue has steel joint and nice stiff shaft that's great for breaking the balls or flat out playing shaft has a short ferrule and plays great I'm asking $650 shipped if interested pm me with email and ill send over...
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    forsale older 4 point scruggs with leather wrap and 4 shafts

    I will be listing a really nice traditional older 4 point Tim scruggs steel joint with leather wrap and 4 shafts I took some quick pictures for anyone interested to see it cue is from the early 90s and and plays great if some one can post pics that would really help send me a pm if interested to...
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    first $4000 one time deal

    I need some cash for bills I'm offering my wrapless mcdaniel 4 point randy mobley and brand new Phillipi jump break pictures are posted on az in seperate threads this deal is about 600 less then I'm asking seprate need a quick sale
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    one night cash price for cues first cash offer takes it

    Need some fast cash these cues are first cash price after tonite you can forget.about seeing this deal 1 2002 randy mobley 1500 2 cocobola Bluegrass 1300 3 ebony loaded with ivory wrapless mcdaniel 2800 4 Phillipi jump break brand new 250 Pictures are all posted on az if you need to see them...
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    cue package forsale

    I'm willing to sell my Bluegrass mobley and wrapless mcdaniels for the right cash price please contact me with cash offers please don't waste my time with low ball offers I have all the cues posted with pictures and asking price if interested in a one price cash deal pm offers
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    forsale wrapless fancy mcdaniels cue

    Up forsale is a really nice wrapless bill mcdaniels cue with solid ivory joint and cue has ivory inlays with silver inlays as well when the cue was made the cue cost around $5500 cue has 2 shafts and plays incredible I will be posting pictures when I get home you will not see another cue like...
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    forsale cocoba bluegrass

    I have forsale an older cocobola bluegrass with a really nice matching leather wrap Paul fanelli had done before he passed away cue weighs around 19.5 and has 2 shafts both around 12.8 mm if any one could post pictures I would really appreciate it I'm asking sold
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    test hit phillipi jump break

    I'm putting up for sale a nice phillipi jump break cue breaks the balls great has phenloic tip and no collars straight wood cue weighs alittle over 19ozs and the shaft is 13mm ill try to post pictures later if your interested send me a cell number ill text you over pictures I'm asking sold cue...
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    forsale 60 inch bill schick very rare

    I'm selling a very rare 60 in solid brown with white and green linen spec.wrap cue has 2 very stiff old shafts and a white phonelic joint flat faced cue was said to be buddy halls at one time the rare thing about this cue is bill told me when it was made the person wanted the wrap to go almost...