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  1. JoshStodola

    SVB to Kick Off High Run Attempts

    Illegitimacy confirmed!
  2. JoshStodola

    Steve Mizerak on David Letterman in 1984

    Stumbled upon this video, theres some good ones in the "related" section too
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    New year, new cue

    Clean veneers. Take a guess! :thumbup:
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    WTB Instroke Saddle case

    Looking for one of the following in good condition:
  5. JoshStodola

    WTB: Ki-Tech tips

    I need one medium and one medium-soft. Do not want a sampler. Don't tell me to PM the renfro guy he doesn't know how to respond Also don't send me to outsvile web site, been there and it doesn't work! Somebody must have some tips laying around?
  6. JoshStodola

    Show us your SNAKE SKIN cases

    I am thinking about getting a python snake skin case. Something about that scaley look... Let's see what you got!
  7. JoshStodola

    The elusive Balabushka gold glitter wedding band ribbon rings

    Alright folks, we need to get to the bottom of this. We all know this is the unicorn. The holy mystery of ring work. George Balabushka's infamous gold glitter rings. Wedding band rings. Gold ribbon rings. Foily crap. Whatever clever name you can come up with next. I have spent some time...
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    Test photo upload thread
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    Hot Friday Threesome

    These babes haven't been together for a while
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    Prather Cues - Installing a Butt Cap Screw

    I recently had another Prather cue made for me, and Jeff sent me this video. I am going to put together another review and pics of the final cue when I get the time, but I wanted to get this video uploaded first. Here he is installing the butt cap screw. I thought it was pretty cool:thumbup...
  11. JoshStodola

    The first cue you really wanted... but couldn't afford

    I don't know if this is true but I think that at one point in all of our (cue collector) lives, we were not cue collectors and we maybe even thought it was a little crazy to spend over a few hundred bucks on a "pool stick". What was the first you ever wanted, but could not afford at the time...
  12. JoshStodola

    Troy Downey "Nebraska" Ebony Titlist Tribute

    Went to the Muellers shop yesterday and picked this up. It was made from a John Davis blank. Turned out nice. Only hit a few balls with it but feels like it is going to be a real player. Thanks Troy! Nebraska ivory inlay
  13. JoshStodola

    Something new coming down the pike

    About a month away from getting this one. It's weird how my cues get done over the summer, when I rarely play! However I am playing more because the house I bought came with a pool table. It's a piece of junk, but hey, it's level and didn't cost me a dime or a back ache.
  14. JoshStodola

    Mezz Shafts

    I know that shafts are quite the gnarly subject for cue makers. I used to play exclusively with a Predator 314-2 shaft. It was gold. I ended up breaking the thing on accident (I have broken a few on purpose/out of rage but in this case it was an accident) and I was never able to replace it...
  15. JoshStodola

    FS Gray Centennial 1x2 Cue Case **OLD SCHOOL**

    For Sale: Gray Centennial 1x2 Cue Case Still makes the nice loud "thump" sound when you remove the lid, seals very well. Tag is in great shape. Definitely some signs of wear on the exterior, it is a little dirty. Seam is not bad but at the top of the lid it is starting to split a little, could...
  16. JoshStodola

    Tim Scruggs Classic

    You already know how good this cue plays;) Special thanks to: Tim Scruggs for making this monster (he told me it was made in the early 80s) Danny for selling me the cue Nick Serdula for the extra TS shaft J.Pechauer for the Cortland irish linen Ryan Theewen for the refinish and wrap job DEACON...
  17. JoshStodola

    2013 Joss "Handmade" Cue - Not Exactly What They "Used To Make"

    *******************UPDATE******************* Thanks to Will Prout for speaking with Dan Janes about this Cue returned to Joss on December 28, 2013 New cue received on August 8, 2014 pics here ******************************************** I got this cue over six months ago. I am writing this...
  18. JoshStodola

    Considering a GTF case... Need advice

    I am looking into getting one of the GTF cases and I am having troubles deciding which model to get. These are 1x2 "fellini style" cases. They have vinyl editions (aka Kopy Kat) that are significantly cheaper. To me they look like a very good bang for the buck. Does anyone have a vinyl one...
  19. JoshStodola

    WTB: Enough Cortland Irish Linen Wrap to Refinish a Cue

    I am looking for some of the original Cortland irish linen. I have an old cue I want to get refinished and I want this wrap on it, the old green/white speck stuff. Can anyone help me?
  20. JoshStodola

    Older Tim Scruggs - MORE INFO WANTED!

    I am looking for more information on this cue. I don't know anything about it except that it plays exceptionally well. It's definitely been through a lot wish I could hear the stories this cue could tell. Anybody know how to contact Tim Scruggs and see if he remembers this cue? Thanks