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  1. Big Arm

    I have a chance to get a 10' Madison pool table

    I am fairly sure that I will do so because I can get it for what I think is a fair price. What can you tell me about these tables? Also, what would be the correct cushions for this table?
  2. Big Arm

    New coin cases

    [/IMG] Made by Dennis Swift to match my pool and snooker cue cases.
  3. Big Arm

    Pictures of snooker table in Ritzville

    [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
  4. Big Arm

    Pictures of 12' snooker table in Portland

  5. Big Arm

    I stumbled upon something nice!

    On our way to Portland, we stopped in Ritzville, Washington. We happened into a local bar and what did we find? A 12' snooker table! Very cool. We will be stopping on the way home to play there.
  6. Big Arm

    Going to be in Portland, OR for a few days ...

    There is a 12' snooker table at Classic Billirds which my wife and I hope to be able to play on. The last time we were there, we got the balls and just as we were getting ready to rack the balls, the locals came in and wanted to play golf. The owner offered to let us play on 9' pool tables for...
  7. Big Arm

    I need some help!

    I just got a new computer a week ago. With the old computer I did not have to log in each time, but with the new one I do even though I check "remember me". What am I doing wrong?
  8. Big Arm

    What are the differences between carom cues and pool cues?

    And there are several different carom games. Do people use different cues for the different games? Sorry if these are dumb questions, but I would like to learn more.
  9. Big Arm

    Resources to teach jumping

    I used the search function, but maybe used the wrong words to get what I wanted. I would like to learn to jump the cue ball. Does anyone have good resources on how to do that? Videos, articles, etc.? Thanks for the help.
  10. Big Arm

    My new Dennis Swift cue case!

    My case arrived today. It is a 3x5 case that is one inch longer than standard and has two zippers on the bottom pocket. One for a jump cue and one for other stuff. I think it looks great and he is very quick to make a custom case. The pictures do not do it justice. [/IMG] n
  11. Big Arm

    Oops wrong side!

  12. Big Arm

    This case was shipped today!

    [/IMG] [/IMG][/IMG] Dennis Swift 3x5 that should arrive Wednesday.
  13. Big Arm

    What can you tell me about Dennis Swift cue cases?

    His prices seem very good. I am considering ordering a case from him very soon, maybe today and just wanted some feedback.
  14. Big Arm

    Thinking about buying a cue case ...

    I am thinking about buying a leather cue case but don't know which to purchase. I like the inside of JB cases, but like the look of the Murnak vintage series, particularly the two tone cases. I am thinking about a 3x5 so I can carry my cue, our break cue and my wife's cue. Those of you that...
  15. Big Arm

    Here I sit in Motel 6 in Spokane

    We came over Thursday night. So far we have gotten some coaching from a local player here, watched a pool tournament, watched for a short time a mixed scotch doubles tournament, watched a little league play and visited two nice bar/pool rooms - Black Diamond with both 9 footers and bar boxes and...
  16. Big Arm

    What to do in Spokane?

    We are going to Spokane Thursday night until Tuesday morning. Going to watch a tournament in the valley and take a lesson or two from a guy there. Thinking about going to Northern Quest Casino. Are there any good billiards stores or pool halls we should visit? Any snooker tables? Don't see any...
  17. Big Arm

    42" travel bag

    I have a brand new, never used 42" rolling travel bag. I ordered it and it is just too large for our use. $25 + actual cost of shipping. I have the original packing materials. Here is a link to a smaller one (the 42" is no longer on the website)...
  18. Big Arm

    Finally, cue pictures

  19. Big Arm

    WTB chalk holder and Blue Diamond chalk

    I would like to buy a chalk holder that will fit in my snooker case that will be sealed so chalk dust won't get in the case. The space is about 1 1/2 by 2 1/4. Also would like to buy two boxes of Blue Diamond chalk.