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  1. somms69


    Hypothetically speaking, if I were to have picked up two tusks that had no crazing or cracking, were 41" long, 14' in circumference at the base, and the top 18' of the tusk appeared to be solid, what might these be worth, roughly? Also, hypothetically speaking, if these were purchased at a...
  2. somms69

    Verl Horn

    I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. A disheveled looking local came in the pool hall looking for money fast and he had this with him. After a little negotiating I ran to an atm and this is what I brought home with me. Living in Enid, OK I have always been a fan of Verl...
  3. somms69

    What do you do when.....

    I am not a league player so I am not well versed in the finer points of regulated play and although when I matched up last night we came to terms on play this is something I have never experienced before. The set is barbox 8ball, ball in hand after break, no three foul rule in effect. My...
  4. somms69

    John Davis cues???

    I am interested in John Davis cues, and although I know that his fullsplice blanks are among the best I have not been able to find much about his recent return to cuemaking using the search function. I am most concerned with the rather large ivory collars that he uses on his shafts. Any...
  5. somms69

    2007 U.S. Pro Tour Championship

    On ESPN Classic now. Justa heads up for those interested.
  6. somms69

    New Schons with spliced points?