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  1. Dan_B

    New Aramith pool balls

    This layering mix thing they're doing gives it a 3D look; yellow can be hard on the eyes, the striped 9 could be a real teaser. The balls without numbers may need to be norm...
  2. Dan_B

    2023 World Snooker Championship / April 15th - May 1st

    O' well, caught the last little bit of the live scoring, had that look of a ship going down nose first with its idled propellor thinking 'this isn't good'. may of missed it, in what little spats of video there was for non-qualified viewers, didn't see any penalties, point deducts or restaging...
  3. Dan_B

    2023 World Snooker Championship / April 15th - May 1st

    There is a clock and a shot clock keeper because just as the implied ranking the AST (Average Shot Time) is the next relevant stat on the player's board. #1 O'Sullivan 19:55 vs #9 Brecel 19:35, gambling being what it is there, the feeder stock of this setup/gig, I'm thinking there could be a...
  4. Dan_B

    Pool Ball Collecting.

    PERFECT! ...for [the] game the perfect thinking part is that the solids and stripes have no numbers, not that they're difficult finding...
  5. Dan_B

    New Aramith pool balls

    I think this is funny...
  6. Dan_B

    Lagging ?

    yep, at first glance from here within a second or two, the 7 is in, the six is out. [In] the no honorable mention of, it depends on what your definition of what 'is' is. The lag is a big deal, the bigger deal into the future...
  7. Dan_B

    New Aramith pool balls

    dang, that's cool, ever get the chance for the nickel tour?
  8. Dan_B

    New Aramith pool balls

    In practical matters also, for the future, would be great if the new balls, 2 1/4, were readily available without numbers. time for comparison, did just recently unwrap for use a epco cue ball (all white) from a few years back, Luster isn't in the ultra-category, has a good shine though...
  9. Dan_B

    Poolgame: Kill the King

    ...what! with those first couple of highly recognized standards for a game set-up? - the necessary line across the center of the table which is perfect for that sides with boundaries game and the black ball is correctly spotted for a different great game: other than being in the wrong lane it...
  10. Dan_B

    Amateur Pool vs Amateur Pickleball

    Did a slim dive into the who's who on a city block size development here, the headline is "$6 million pickleball complex. From what I can tell it's a hedge fund, 3 - 4 layers of financing players addressed in New York, gets real fussy as to who/what the gig is, maybe some kind of private REIT...
  11. Dan_B

    Playing sober, can’t do it

    ...yep, that interior minister will need to bring its "A" game.
  12. Dan_B

    Premier League Pool (PLP) 6-13 March2023, Leicester- Earl makes his debut !

    geeezz, didn't think there were that many $2 side bets - Atlarge to show (SVB bank & run percentages).
  13. Dan_B

    Who were/was the first European player(s) to make huge international waves?

    ... those are astonishing points, thanks. I'd thought I seen / heard he had a good game 15.
  14. Dan_B

    Who were/was the first European player(s) to make huge international waves?

    ...I've looked back at the headline, the opening point and, I'm still stunned the player with a game like few have doesn't at least have a plaque around here, somewhere. I hope this doesn't become a befuddlement for me very long.
  15. Dan_B

    Who were/was the first European player(s) to make huge international waves?

    I'm surprised not seeing Ronnie O'Sullivan having made a mark, leaving the mark and the current mark up at #1.
  16. Dan_B

    Pool Ball Collecting.

    very inappropriate on my part even though there was a call for "All thoughts and criticisms welcome". it is what came to mind, cuz, of all your china connections. I was looking for a self-destruct time delete attribute for this bad thing I did to an image that wasn't mine. Although, kind of with...
  17. Dan_B

    Am I the only one...

    ...seems safe to say, Francisco 'not a ruse' Ruíz, today aways, no?
  18. Dan_B

    World 10-ball

    great overall as usual, the spoiler stinky part, is the "with the highest WPA rankings were then seeded into the final bracket". I suppose to be inclusive on their part - CSI. We've seen Fargo numbers generated from the current tournament run at stake, would of fit with no stink if those were...
  19. Dan_B

    RIP 'SCB'........................

    Been a great conversation about this here on the room owners board, maybe op could update title to "should I get in or out of the business".