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  1. Hendrik

    2018 Tony Layne player

    My new TL player
  2. Hendrik

    Tony Layne JP's for a friend and my Barnhart

    Tony Layne is my go to guy for all my joint protectors. Quality work.
  3. Hendrik

    FS 2 new Barnhart shafts

    For sale is 2 brand new Corey Barnhart shafts (radial) that came with the cue I picked up straight from Cory at the Expo last has some chalk from being in my case but haven't even been test hit. I'm hooked on the Jacoby edge hybrid shafts so I don't really need these. $SOLDeach obo...
  4. Hendrik

    SBE 2017 Barnhart

    2017 Barnhart cue Ebony 8-pointer into Birdseye with mother of pearl inlays.
  5. Hendrik

    Tony Layne jump break

    Lightly used black and grey 2016 Tony Layne jump break with matching joint protectors. No dings or dents $650(SOLD) OBO Only selling because I ordered a new one in a different color to match my TL jump
  6. Hendrik

    Tony Layne 48 inch jump

    48 inch Tony Layne jump cue. Tony is one of the best guys to deal with.
  7. Hendrik

    2016 Australian burl Tonkin

    Just received my new Pete Tonkin
  8. Hendrik

    SBE Tonkin cues

    Super billiard Expo 2016 Pete Tonkin cues. I bought the third cue from the right
  9. Hendrik

    2015 Ebony Barnhart

    Sold sold sold sold
  10. Hendrik

    Tony Layne for sale

    1 month old Tony Layne (yellow and Red) for sale $600 obo shipped. PayPal preferred. Comes with matching joint protectors Sold! Sold! Sold!
  11. Hendrik

    My Tony Layne jump break cues

    Tony makes an amazing Jump break. Jumping is no longer a issue in my game :) enjoy!
  12. Hendrik

    Wtb Tony Layne jump break

    Looking to buy a Tony Layne jump break
  13. Hendrik

    My Barnhart cues

    I haven't seen too many of Cory's 8 point cues with veneers. The only other one I have seen belongs to Shadowmoss.
  14. Hendrik

    Not so Sneaky anymore Tonkin

    It started off Sneaky but it isn't anymore.
  15. Hendrik

    My wrapless Tonkin titlist in the works

    A old school veneer combo with some new school features. My wrapless Tonkin titlist with bridged veneers in the works. It will also have titlist colored ring work with abalone inlays .
  16. Hendrik

    my new ebony on ebony Tonkin

    My new ebony on ebony Tonkin. Can't to get it out to the pool room
  17. Hendrik

    Tonkin Ebony 4 pointer with leather wrap

    Ebony 4p Pete Tonkin cue with leather wrap Comes with 1 shaft 13mm (new condition) Weight 19oz Cue is $SOLD. Shipped and insured No refunds Pics coming
  18. Hendrik

    2 brand new 3x6 Whittens

    Ordered these guys at the expo last year for Dad and I. Well worth the wait :)
  19. Hendrik

    Wtb this old school Joss

    Looking to buy this old Joss
  20. Hendrik

    fs or ft Pete Tonkin

    Sold in hours!!!