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  1. instroke2

    considering a new break cue...

    I realize the importance of a good break, and have been loosing control of whitey off the table or scratching in the side. I have been using a older Sledgehammer, and have tried a friends Mcdermott Stinger. But was interested in either Predator BK2 or Lucasi Big Beuluh 2... something with low...
  2. instroke2

    Wax for shafts?

    I have been reading allot here prefer "Butcher's Alley wax" but the problem is it is now discontinued. Is there anything that works just as good?
  3. instroke2

    Anyone know where to purchase Butchers in Canada?

    Does anyone know where I can Purchase Butchers Bowling alley wax in Canada?
  4. instroke2

    How can u tell if you just got ripped off?

    So I ordered some tips from a fellow AZ'er. He said he sent me the tips but gives me a phoney tracking #, he says the tracking # is for customs, and it will take a few days for it to work in the USPS system... Does this sound like crap to you?
  5. instroke2

    Anyone here know?

    Where I can get a set of Artemis K66 in Canada?
  6. instroke2

    Changing my rails...

    My table is a Dufferin Titan, I have always found my rails to play slower than Brunswicks, Connelly's... so I would like to get them changed, so what's the Difference between K55 and K66 rails? and what would be the fastest rails? Brunswick? Diamond? Artemis? I was thinking of sending my...
  7. instroke2

    New Kamui tips?

    Does anyone know where you can get the new Kamui Black tips? (the one that were made available Aug 15...)
  8. instroke2

    Poison VX or Mcdermott Stinger, jump break?

    so i could use another jump/break, i have a Sledgehammer now, but wanted something a little newer, for the up-n coming league season, my price range is about the $200 range. so I narrowed it down to either the Poison vx jump/break or Mcdermott Stinger... what do you guys think? My main...
  9. instroke2

    Vancouver billiard stores...

    Hey Guys, I keep having my Tip fly off on my current break stick. Just wondering if there is any good cue stores in Vancouver... Maybe looking for a Mcdermott Stinger, maybe Fury jump break, or Poison Jump break.. What store has a good selection?
  10. instroke2

    Vancouver players?

    is there any 9 or 8 ball tourneys in the Vancouver area around Commercial drive area?
  11. instroke2

    Poison Venon vs 314/others?

    Just looking to find anyone who has any info on the Poison Venon shafts. It seems like a great cue for the money, but how solid do they hit? Not to sure if I like the Uni-loc joint... and do they have that hollow feel like some of the other Predator/OB1 shafts? or do they hit like some of the...
  12. instroke2

    Jacoby cue-techs?

    I was thinking of sending my cue to them for some repairs, but does anyone know how good is their work?
  13. instroke2

    Mezz usa, anyone working there?

    Does anyone know if there is people actually working at Mezz usa?
  14. instroke2

    Anybody know where Max Eberle is?

    Max seems hard to get a hold of, anyone know where he is?
  15. instroke2

    DaVinci tips, anyone use them?

    Just tried a DaVinci soft, feels good, accepts chalk very well, the tip made some clicking noises but after a night of play the noises have seem to have gone. Doesn't feel soft, feels more like a Moori med. It's only been a couple days with it...but so far feels great...
  16. instroke2

    Mosconi day 3 what time?

    anyone know what time the action starts?
  17. instroke2

    Mosconi cup day 2...missed...anyone know

    Had to work, missed day 2's action, anyone know where I can see it? Check u-tube, not there yet. thxs
  18. instroke2

    Best Dime shaper?

    The Williards nickel shaper, I bought in Vegas a few years back. I recently ordered a Dime shaper from a couple retailers but they have sent the identical one that I allready have. The packaging has a Nickel stamp on the front but the back of the packaging says champ .358. And using it...
  19. instroke2

    Clicking sounds with some layered tips?

    Allot of layered tips after installing seem to have a clicking sound when striking the cueball. In search of a replacement to the Moori med, I am looking for a replacement tip that doesn't give me any clicking sounds, and grabs the chalk effectively and if it not to much to ask, doesn't get...
  20. instroke2

    break tip legal?

    Hey Sarah, I wanted to say hi, and ask, I remember you mentioning that you are using one of the Mezz break cues. Has there been a tournament that came up and they didn't allow you to use your break cue, cause they thought the tip would damage the cueball? thxs for your time j