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  1. nb92

    FS: 8 9ft Gold Crown III and 3 9ft Diamond Tables

    I have for sale: 8 roll down - 9ft GC III’s and 3 older drop pocket 9ft Diamond Tables 8 “costume lights” and 3 Diamond Lights Approx. 20 high back pool room chairs 11 sets of centennial balls Approx. 60 house cues Various side tables, side table chairs and bar stools All removed from the...
  2. nb92

    Ronnie O'Sullivan - Interview & Lap on Top Gear

    not sure if this has been posted before.. Around the 5:50 mark he plays "speed" snooker against the Stig
  3. nb92

    FS - Cases: 4x8 JB and 2x4 Ron Thomas (Bundle Deal Inside!)

    This 4x8 JB Case is for sale $350 shipped CONUS more pics here This Ron Thomas 2 x 4 Cue Case in Designer Series Leather-Color "REAL BLACK BUFFALO HIDE" is for sale at $425 Shipped CONUS Case will accommodate Cues with Butt & or Shaft Sections up to...
  4. nb92

    FS - Andy Gilbert

    Gilbert cue for sale SOLD shipped CONUS (NO TRADES). Paypal ok. Please PM if interested or if you have questions. Cue was refinished by Scott @ in 2012 and has been in the case since. Weight - 19.5 and 19.7 ounces (15.7oz butt and 3.6 and 3.7oz shafts) Length -...
  5. nb92

    Need some advice from more skilled players

    or 1 with TEN pockets :eek: but you got to be careful when answering questions on the interweb these days :thumbup:
  6. nb92

    Robocop REPEATS!

    Dennis Orcollo repeats as the US Open 1-Pocket Champion defeating SVB 5-3 in the finals. I believe Dennis is the first person to successfully defend their US Open 1-pocket title (please post correction if he is not). Dennis went undefeated in his defense of the title, knocking SVB to the...
  7. nb92

    Thanks to POV POOL

    You got me... I enjoyed the free stream so much.... you got me to do the PPV AND I went all in on doing the Kamui Pass (I great deal IMO.. ) Jay did great in the booth as usual. Although I was a bit mean in the chat and actually got him to mention "Lump Head" during the Dennis / Carlo...
  8. nb92

    TAR / CSI Podcasts?

    Not sure with the closing of TAR matches if this means the end of the TAR/CSI Podcasts. Many of the subjects covered were not TAR specific but rather CSI events or the pool industry in general. Subjects in need of discussion IMO are: 1. The closing of TAR. :frown: 2. Future coverage of...
  9. nb92

    Bonus Ball - ok .. I am a Fan

    Just watched the Finals... A lot of fun.. The ESPN3 coverage was the first I watched it after the streaming epic failure... but now after watching ... one of the most exciting games to watch I have ever seen... (Can not believe I said that!) :eek:
  10. nb92

    Mike Sigel Cues

    here you go...
  11. nb92

    TAR Podcast with Efren and Shane this Thursday 9PM EST

    Could Efren explain the attached picture?
  12. nb92

    $800 to spend on a new player

    Gilbert $800 Shipped CONUS Here is the description of the Gilbert Gilbert cue Weight - 19.5 and 19.7 ounces (15.7oz butt and 3.6 and 3.7oz shafts) Length - 58.25 and 58.5 inches Shafts - 12.57mm and 12.63mm This is an Andy Gilbert cue with a 3/8-10 pin. It was made in 2002 and is marked as...
  13. nb92

    DCC win all 3 Divisions?

    ... and I am not talking in the same year but in a career... I know 1. SVB has multiple 1 pkt and 9 Ball titles -- I don't believe he has banks 2. Obviously Efren has 1 pkt and 9 Ball titles -- I don't believe he has banks 3. Shannon Daulton has Banks and 9 Ball -- Surprisingly no 1 pkt...
  14. nb92

    DCC All Around?

    ... With his high finish in 9-ball and win in Banks did Dennis lock up the all around? :shrug:
  15. nb92

    AccuStats PPV Freezeup Making Me Nuts...

    ... Maybe this is a plan to increase attendance ! by making the streaming (all DCC streaming..) more and more difficult to fully enjoy... VERY ingenious! :cool:
  16. nb92

    FS Jacoby Jump Cue

    Bump... Congrats to EFREN 1 pckt
  17. nb92

    Congrats to Efren Reyes - 2014 DCC One Pocket World Champion!

    ... I have been blessed to be alive to see the very best that EVER WAS .... now if SOMEONE could explain this picture? But I like these!
  18. nb92

    Bigfoot 10 Ball Draw

    ... is the draw posted anywhere?.. did the usual searches and missed it.. thanks for the help.. :thumbup:
  19. nb92

    TV crews at the DCC

    a lot of people saw TCOM ... call it "In Search of Grady Seasons"...
  20. nb92

    FS Jacoby Jump Cue

    For sale Jacoby Jump Cue standard with joint protectors SOLD shipped CONUS.