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  1. 1pocketjohn

    WTB - 5/16 x 14 Shafts

    Predeator Z, original OB, Black Boar
  2. 1pocketjohn

    Starkey butterfly

    Yes I see it now. My bad.
  3. 1pocketjohn

    Starkey butterfly

    If you don’t price it they will remove it. Just saying.
  4. 1pocketjohn

    Rare Collection Of Gus Szamboti Items

    That’s a nice addition to the Botties John A
  5. 1pocketjohn

    Sold 1 x 2 Envelope - Jill Hawk Cue Case

    Thank you so much what a great case I received it this moruing and couldn’t be happier. to anyone reading this “Jill Hawk Cue Cases” Clyde & Jill take pride of workmanship to an old school level, the hand craftsmanship on the case is exquisite and working with them on this purchase was a...
  6. 1pocketjohn

    Looking to trade my Revo 12.4

    Seems as though we have gotten disconnected John A 610-960-6545
  7. 1pocketjohn

    WTB Any Vintage Adam Cues

    How about a Adams's Jimmy Rempe signature cue
  8. 1pocketjohn

    Pre ban ivory

  9. 1pocketjohn

    Pre ban ivory

    If I could change the heading or delete and re post I would. My bad.
  10. 1pocketjohn

    Vintage Brunswick Centennial Balls

    Nice balls Great SAA
  11. 1pocketjohn

    Pre ban ivory

    WTB 2 blocks Ivorine 4” X 4” X 1” ivory look alike
  12. 1pocketjohn

    wtb predator shaft with 5/16-14 insert

    Are you still looking for that shaft?
  13. 1pocketjohn

    Be Cautious of Scams

    I was contacted in reference to my post on wanted to buy about purchasing a Hagar Cue Case I found out through PayPal that it was a scam they had seen before. Please Be Cautious. PayPal found the problem Venmo and other forms of payment might not have. In the future I for one will only use...
  14. 1pocketjohn

    Wanted J W Hagar cue cases

  15. 1pocketjohn

    ISO 11.8 Cynergy radial or uniloc shaft

    If that is the original diameter I have one like new
  16. 1pocketjohn

    Low deflection shaft 5/16 x 14

    How about a OB Original with wood feral - fearlless cue shaft
  17. 1pocketjohn

    Bryan Mordt BCM, GTF 1x2, and Myth Tooled Leather Case

    Beautiful would you consider a trade for a classic Centennial 2 X 4 with pouch PM if interested at all
  18. 1pocketjohn

    Wanted J W Hagar cue cases

  19. 1pocketjohn

    Pool & Billiards or Billiard Digest magazine with Simms advertisement

    Take a picture then screen shot the picture and use the screen shot to post it will be a low res copy that will post and still look good