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    Oscar/ Raj

    Who won this?
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    Darrin Hill cue

    6 or 8 mo. ago a Hills cue wrapless sneaky pete maple cue was sold here. Had somewhat dark maple, not stained. I would like to to buy the cue if it's available. PM me. I believe poolshark was involved in the sale but I could be wrong.
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    Bad Lepros ?

    Have heard much talk about the variance in quality of these tips. I have never heard about the variance in quality of any other tip. Kind of strange. Exactly how do you tell if the tip is bad or good.
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    The Shane/Earl $20.000 match

    What happened to this match that was suppose to happen this mo.?
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    A lot of heart

    Congradualtions on a well deserved win. You showed tremendous heart under very tough conditions. Should help you in the US Open.
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    Need radial pin

    Does anyone have a stainless uniloc radial pin they could sell me?
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    Gorilla glue shelf life ?????

    Perhaps someone can help answer this. Does Gorilla glue ( white fast set) have a shelf life, as some glues do ???
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    BCM cue wanted

    Hope some one can help! Awhile ago there was an older BCM cue for sale as part of a pckg. It was an Ebony forearm with curly maple handle section and Ebony sleeve, old style 3/8-10 pin. If anyone knows who had it please let me know. Thanks.
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    No video !

    All I get is audio, no video, from the feed, is anybody else having this problem?
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    Ivory sleeved joint?

    I have seen many cues sold with and Ivory sleeved joint and being called and Ivory joint. What's the point or benefit of such a joint when so little Ivory touches the shaft as compared to full Ivory face. I can't see where it affects the hit to any great degree. Thanks for any and all insight.
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    Alexs mental state ?

    Hi all.....I am wondering what kind of mental state Alex is in after being dominated by Shane. They played 120+ games and Alex could not beat him. I don't think Alex was playing badly. He just beat Efren in 1p. in one of the best 1p. games in a long time. (Efren had not been beaten in 4 yrs. I...