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  1. James Sarenich

    Help identify cue makers logo

    I came upon a cue with this logo on it's butt cap. Any help and information on cue maker would be appreciated. Thanks, Jim
  2. James Sarenich

    15% off enco

    Just thought I would pass this along. From 8/18-8/23 take 15% site wide with promo code AUG818. No minimum order requirement. Free shipping on orders over $29 with code AUG29. Jim
  3. James Sarenich

    Loctite GO2 and Kamui Clear

    Kamui recommends Loctite 401 in their installation video. After reading the properties of 401 I find no reference to shock or impact resistant. they also recommend Loctite Professional on their sales page. Again no reference to shock or impact resistance. Has any one tried Loctite GO2. The...
  4. James Sarenich

    removing bent pin

    I have a cue that has a bent or crooked joint pin (5/16-18). Before I get going on replacing, is there any tricks to getting the pin out. I just bought a lathe so this is going to be my first project. The cue has 2 shafts and I was also thinking of changing the pin size so if I do I would...