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  1. KCJeffff

    Wanted 3 pc. custom set of radial joint protectors

    Hello, before I decide to have a set made does anyone have a 1 butt 2 shaft set of radial joint protectors ? not looking for the plastic ones, Thanks
  2. KCJeffff

    Wanted Hager extension

    I'm looking for a Hager extension 16,18 or 24" please let me know price with shipping. I can pay with Paypal. Please read last bump, thanks
  3. KCJeffff

    Wanted one Ki-Tech soft tip, to compare to Ultraskin

    Hello I only play one pocket and would like a soft Ki-tech tip, only one needed or I would by the 3 pack. Anybody have one for sale ? thank you
  4. KCJeffff

    WTB Hager extension

    Hello, I am looking for a 16" or 20" hager extension. I recently bought a 24" but need a smaller one for another case. Please let me know, Thanks
  5. KCJeffff

    WTB custom cue only $400 in Paypal

    Hello, I'm looking for a custom cue only. The age does not matter, I would really like a Ivory hoppe ring. Looking for the best bang for my money, Thank you
  6. KCJeffff

    WTT John Madden cue

    Would like to trade my Madden cue, Looking for a cue with nice veneer colors or really nice cocobolo. eBay item number:281427621628 Sorry not sure how to get the link to highlight Thank you
  7. KCJeffff

    Wanted large Hager extension

    Hello, I have tried a couple other kinds of extensions and do not care for them. I am willing to pay up to $60 for a large Hager extension, Thanks
  8. KCJeffff

    WTB Shurtz wrapless cue under $500.00 or Trade

    I just cannot get use to my Madden cue 20 years plus old it has a irish linen wrap. I am looking for a Shurtz wrap less cue with some nice figured wood. Please let me know if you have one for sale or want to swap my Madden cue with 2 shafts. Jeff
  9. KCJeffff

    WTB highly figured cue no wrap 2 shafts $500-600

    Hello I am looking for a cue with 2 shafts no wrap and highly figured, cue must be close to 20 oz. I am not looking for a sneaky pete, I am looking for highly figured handle with a different forearm and butt. The price must be $600 or lower including shipping, Thank you!!
  10. KCJeffff

    Is the Hager company returning?

    Hello, The companies website says it is returning soon, does anyone know if this is true or just a old message for customers? I am really looking for the larger extension if anyone has one to sell... Thanks
  11. KCJeffff

    My new JB rugged case

    I use to have a 4x8 but thought it was to big for me so I went with the 3x6. I talked to John about ordering a black case with red stitching with my initials. The case turned out better than I thought it would the red stitching really pops. I think this is his second case like this,great...
  12. KCJeffff

    Checking IPad pics

    Checking quality of pic
  13. KCJeffff

    Would like a ivory ferrule installed

    Hello, I have a 25 year old Jack Madden cue that has 2 shafts and would like to have a full sized ivory ferrule installed on one of them. I will provide the ultra skin tip, please let me know who has the time and the cost. I tried contacting Jack for 2 months with no response and I recently...
  14. KCJeffff

    Break and jump cue questions

    I have read as much as I can about break cue and jump cue combos. It seem it's sort of a toss up between a lighter cue and a heavier cue. With a lighter producing more speed and a heavier harder impact. Then there are are those that go for a 19 oz cue with a breaking tip and maybe a special...
  15. KCJeffff

    Seyberts discount code ??

    Hello, I know at one time Seyberts use to have a discount code for us. Do they still have one and I forgot what it is ?? Thanks
  16. KCJeffff

    Very tight fitting joint protector help

    Hello I have a very tight fitting butt end only 3/8 x 10 joint protector I have had for awhile the shaft protector is fine but the other protector is so tight I have not used it. Is there anything that will loosen it up ? I tried using WD 40 with no help, I'm sure there is a product that will...
  17. KCJeffff

    WTB cue no wrap or irish linen $350.00 in Paypal

    Hello, I am looking for a custom cue that is highly figured. I need one in the 19-20oz range with a thinner shaft 12.5 or close to that. Sneaky petes are fine as long as the points are even. Would really like a Klapp cue or just a very solid hitting cue from a good maker.--------------- Found a...
  18. KCJeffff

    WTT Shadow Tech knife for 3/8 x 10 joint protectors

    Hello I have a new in box Shadow tech drop point knife with a kydex sheath with a belt attachment. It is 8" overall with a 3 1/4" cutting edge it's made from 1095 steel and 3/16" thick and a very sharp knife that was purchased from the company for $70.00. It comes with warranty papers and can...
  19. KCJeffff

    Another pool hall has closed it's doors, Hixson TN

    Double hill has closed it's doors, never heard anything went there a couple times a week. There is no sign on door but called and was told it closed up today. The mailman was there and said he had heard staff was ripping them off. It really sucks was just getting back into pool and really liked...
  20. KCJeffff

    Want to trade knife for sneaky Pete

    TRADE HAS BEEN MADE THANKS!!! Hello I collect knives and would like to trade a Ontario Ranger NS7 Night Stalker new in package for a sneaky pete. This knife retails for 99.00 so I understand the cue would not be a custom but one of the places I shoot pool at uses the old metal bridges and it...