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    Odd bumper question.

    Looking for this bumper. Rubber threads with very unusual basket weave pattern. Came on a roger Allen cue that I recently got back. Any help or advice. Thanks.
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    2 fancy TIM SCRUGGS

    I don't have cue info other than pics and prices. If interested I can give him your contact number. Sorry just helping a buddy out. Ebony wrappless 2850 and 1of3 2700. Ps another pic of the 1 of 3 cue in the gallery. Showing Scruggs signature and numbered on the forearm.
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    2x4 centennial ostrich print

    Sold !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    another unique SCRUGGS

    This is a buddy's cue also. He is thinking about selling this one also
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    Unique Scruggs.

    Never seen one like this. He is thinking about putting it up for sale.
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    Barry szamboti JOINT PROTECTOR

    I have a szamboti joint protector. These come on new szamboti's just one piece for the butt. 100 shipped conus
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    12x24 on the q cases...CUSTOM DEALER/STORAGE CASE.

    I have a 12x24 custom Garth bair dealer case for has never left the house only used for storage...this case is MONSTER CUSTOM...paid over 1000 for this case can't remember exactly but I think it was closer to 1200 with shipping..will get pics up when I figure out how to do it from my...
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    <<<**********southwest for sale************>>>

    ebony and birdseye... 16oz butt......slim handle"upcharge" from southwest 3.9 oz shafts all ebony buttsleeve"upcharge" from southwest matching jps from southwest... cue is straight... small finish blem on ebony section at the end of the are taken of it... cue was made in...
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    <<<<<9 point 1995 franklin southwest>>>>

    plus shipping very nice ebony point and birdseye recut 9 pointer for sale...has all ebony buttsleeve with thinner handle linen wrap...birdseye forearm with southwest joint protectors..standard sw lenght... butt 16oz 2 shafts 13mm 3.9oz each.. butt cap has a small finish blemish in it, doesnt...
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    Southwest 9 point franklin....

    been a while since i have had a new cue in the stable....
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    <<<<BARRY SZAMBOTI>>>>> for sale or take partial trade...

    ok folks here is the deal.......this is cue number 230 completed 12/20/94 from the great barry szamboti...i have loa from barry giving details on the cue....this cue has seen some play but still in nice original shape... butt is 29.5 in long 15.7 oz or real close by my scale ebony butt sleeve...
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    Ebay deal of the week for me....

    :grin-square: up for sale now.
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    looking for a barenbrugge cue....

    looking to see what people might have for sale....please send me a pm and i can give you my email....thanks mickey
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    barry szamboti cue..

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    john barton......

    please clear your pms.......want to give you my address so you can ship my case :thumbup:.....thanks again mickey
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    sagging drop pockets on olhausen tabel..

    i play at fast eddies pool hall here in houston...there 9ft tabels the pockets are sagging so bad that when you force a ball in the ball hits the back of the pocket and comes out or either pops out of the there and easy fix for this...meaning the guy who is going to fix them doesnt...
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    <<<<it's george cue case lover's>>>>>

    ok folks if you have ever seen one of these cases i will be suprised....this has to be a one of a kind case here...ENJOY THE PICS I TOOK OUTSIDE IN THIS GREAT could be for sale but it wouldnt be cheap.:eek:
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    Doc fry.....

    would like to see some pics of his work...does anyone have any they would like to show....:)
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    Kenny koo.......the flying snail...

    well folks kenny is currently building a cue for me....and what he did was send his personal cue out to several people play with it and see what they like and dont like about it.....i will start of by saying that the look of the cue is almost flawless....i am going to be honest about what i do...
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    well thank you mailman..

    o thanks to the one that made this happen and to barry for taking care of it for will come later..;)