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  1. tie19858

    Sold poolchady has been hacked

    This is definitely not THE Chady. Highly possible a scam. Be cautious.
  2. tie19858

    XinReally cue x Andrew Rounceville

    I can explain a bit about short wrap. The blank is so solid (heavy) that if we keep it full spliced as original, the butt alone might be 19oz. Give that we didn't want to core it in order to keep the characteristic of tulipwood, the other way is to chop off a section and replaced with a much...
  3. tie19858

    XinReally cue x Andrew Rounceville

    This cue is built by Catcues Chen at XinReally Custom Cue, and based on an Andrew Rounceville cocobolo-tulipwood blank. Catcues Chen has being a cuemaker for 21 years as the first in Taiwan, and still one of the best up to the present. You can look up his works on Facebook with the keyword...
  4. tie19858

    My New Haley!

    By far the most beautiful “Brown” cue I’ve ever seen!
  5. tie19858

    Tascarella owners club only entire here !

    Thanks, but is SGM the abbreviation of what? -Terence
  6. tie19858

    Tascarella owners club only entire here !

    Current collection. I guess it's still growing.
  7. tie19858

    Show me your titlist conversions!!!

    Rare ebony Willie Hoppe conversion done by Pete Tascarella. The stamp is still visible. Enjoy!
  8. tie19858

    Show me your titlist conversions!!!

    2009 Gina Titlist (1965) conversion. One of Ernie's personal cues. Love it.
  9. tie19858

    Sold Tascarella shafts x 3 for sale

    I cannot send msg to you Sir. But I want one. Thanks!
  10. tie19858

    Sold ***Sly Player! NEW***

    are the joint and butt cap nature or alternative? great looking cue. -Terence
  11. tie19858

    Blues & Browns

    And Tascarella
  12. tie19858

    Blues & Browns

    Bob Owen, Blue and Brown as well.
  13. tie19858

    Buckhorn ferrules and joints

    I think he was asking why the set price is $60 while ferrule is $20 and joint is $30? A set comprises two ferrules and one joint?
  14. tie19858

    My New (to me) Joel Hercek

    Lovely! I am a fan of Joel's work as well.
  15. tie19858

    1987 Richard Black Bushka

    Very good story, and the cue. I have a newer (2004) Black bushka, and I love its style and color very much. Even though the inlay work is not so accurate and aligned as modern CNC’ed cues, the retro and elegant style is very unique and attractive.
  16. tie19858

    WTB: Art Cantando

    In excellent condition. Two 13mm full shafts. Better with ivory scrimshaw. Please send PM. Cheers, Terence.
  17. tie19858

    Who is your top 5 cue makers?

    My top-8 list of cue makers are still active and progressing, with great balance in playability and aesthetics: Pete (Jr.) Tascarella, Ron Haley, Joel Hercek. Randy Mobley, Larry Vigus, Michael Vollmer, Joshua Treadway, Ed Prewitt.
  18. tie19858

    Gus Szamboti 70's

    Thanks for the thread and the comments from every kind and nice person, and OP for bringing it up. I enjoy this thread just like reading Harvard Business Review. It's a quite educating material for new collectors like me. -Terence
  19. tie19858

    Hoppe ring cue with boxed inlays

    like these? (the first picture credits to Dan Stevens)