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  1. jus1pktson

    -:-:-:-:-:-:-:--- SCHON STL-1 EB MADAGASCAR ROSEWOOD ---:-:-:-:-:-:-:-

  2. jus1pktson

    Schon current logo

    The signature represents the year and model the stick was produced a2012 stick with a 1989 signature would not be true also the value would chance the value
  3. jus1pktson

    Sold -:-:-:-:-:-:---BERT SCHRAGER---:-:-:-:-:-:-

    cash is king of course great offer
  4. jus1pktson

    Sold Ron Thomas 1x2 black leather case

    dirtvictim what with angry face you don't no me,or done business with me!!!
  5. jus1pktson

    Sold Ron Thomas 1x2 black leather case

    is the case still for sale
  6. jus1pktson

    Cue ID please Tad?

    can you show the rubber bumper and screw that can help(i have 65 and 75 77 all loa from tad) as it connect to the butt capp that screw doesn't look right imo or the bumper
  7. jus1pktson

    Sold Tad Custom Cues Case

    if still around ill take it
  8. jus1pktson

    Schon sp 40 for sale very good cond

    Silver rings 6 points I believe to be in 1993, one small blemish see pictures, straight together or apart butt 16.1 shaft 4.2 13 mm. All white is the good stuff not the butt cap pm me 1000.00 shaft is schon. Not a stl 13
  9. jus1pktson

    richard black and tads for sell

    time to rebuild pm me for details
  10. jus1pktson

    richard black and tads

    here are a few cues I though you like to see! enjoy