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  1. msquared

    Some of my cues #3

    Bobby Hunter's P2'S JW
  2. msquared

    Some of my cues #2

    south west Bill Teeter Little Al R P2's
  3. msquared

    Southwest-Bob Hunter cue for sale

    Bob Hunter cue for sale New lower price. Bob Hunter Ebony with 5 bem points. dead straight in all ways. SOLD SOLD SOLD pending funds + shipping no trades Butt 57 1/2 15.80 oz Pin is3/8-10 Shaft 1 12.65 mm Ivory and Moori tip 3.6 oz Shaft 2 12.50 mm Ivory and Moori tip 3.6 oz If...
  4. msquared

    Ron Thomas cases what are they worth?

    I have a couple of Thomas cases. I wanted to know what they were worth. I got them in 98 in a cue deal. the person i got them from just had them in a closet sence 93. he got to sick to play and never used them. I have just used them for storage. the cases are in perfect condition. So what are...
  5. msquared

    Some of my cues...

    I was over at Tommie's house and had the chance to take pictures of some of my cues....