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    Looking for a cue.

    I’ve been playing for over 40 years and have tried many different brands. Currently using a JP 16 which I like very much. I want to try something with a firmer hit. Maybe a piloted joint. I want to buy used in excellent condition so if I don’t like it when I resell it I’m not taking a beating...
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    90's Meucci 4 Point Cue w/ Inlays-laser straight!

    Cue still available?
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    Cory Barnhart sale or trade

    Cue reduced to $600 PayPal or Venmo. This is a beautiful cue. I bought a carbon fiber set up so this one sits in the case. Never sold a cue on this forum but don’t be alarmed. I’m walle on eBay with over 500 feedbacks and never any negative feedback since 1998. You will obviously have the right...
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    Cory Barnhart sale or trade

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    Cory Barnhart sale or trade

    SOLD Merry Widow curly maple butt with leather wrap. Radial pin 12.8mm shaft. In excellent condition. I can’t find any dings anywhere and shaft is nice and smooth. Feels like 19.0 ounce but can take to post office to get exact weight. $750 shipped. Will consider interesting trade cash up or...
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    Custom cue wanted

    Thanks for all the info. Walt
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    Custom cue wanted

    Pool league is starting soon. I gave the cue I used last year away. Looking to spend between 200-300 bucs.
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    Sold Mottey, J.Flowers, GF Break/Jumps and more

    I’ll take the gf sneaky Walt
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    Meucci wanted

    Looking for a no dot cue. Must be in excellent condition. Walt
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    Looking for a custom cue

    Ok thanks
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    Looking for a custom cue

    I’d like the cue to be in excellent condition. Tip 12.7-13mm 18-20oz. Around 400-500 dollars Walt
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    Looking for a Custom Cue

    Cory Barnhart.
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    Looking for a Custom Cue

    Got a custom. Thanks Walt
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    Looking for a Custom Cue

    Looking for a nice custom between $400-$500 Walt
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    Meucci 97-11 & 95-22 FS

    Interested in the 97-11. Walt
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    Looking for an inexpensive cue with a 5/16x14 piloted joint

    I’ve got a nice shaft but sold the cue I bought it for. Can be butt only. walt
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    Looking for a custom cue for around $200

    Like to buy a custom cue with a wood to wood joint.
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    WTB Pool Cue for $300

    Looking for a used cue in excellent condition. 12.75 to 13 tip 18 or 19oz straight. Looking for something nice maybe a custom. Let me know what you got. Walt
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    Wtb $300 used cue in excellent condition

    Needs to be clean. American made. 16 to 19oz Walt
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    WTB. Shaft for my Meucci butt

    Standard Meucci joint. Looking for something 12.75-13mm and in nice shape. No more than $100. Walt