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  1. Chicken Feather

    How many Cues do you own today

    I picked up a few over the last 32 years. McDermott eb2 (break cue now) McDermott ef2 Pechauer p08g Pechauer custom Dave Brainard cocobolo/bem Pechauer p04k Jump cue that came w/no instructions 😖
  2. Chicken Feather

    Won lost record between Efren and Earl?

    Not sure this was the last one but... tsc 2019 hotseat match against Jason Shaw, Earl was pretty dominant .
  3. Chicken Feather

    Amber Chen beats Allison Fisher in Canada

    Congratulations to Chia Hua Chen! It makes more sense to me to just play an odd number of games. (7,9,11) Or 3 sets. No to the spot shot shót.
  4. Chicken Feather

    Seyberts customer service

    A retailer is at the mercy of the manufacturers. More often than not it is impossible for the retailer to know what products will be available in the future. I've also had great experiences with Seyberts.
  5. Chicken Feather

    Coming together for a forum member having a rough time

    Sorry for your loss Sev. May God be with you and your loved ones.
  6. Chicken Feather

    Greenleaf's Biggest Loss

    Post 8 has a link. Available on Amazon.
  7. Chicken Feather

    Ebony question

    I ordered a Pechauer with ebony wrap section. When I first look at it, it appeared solid black. Under better light the brown grain is clearly visible. I think it makes it even more beautiful. As others have said, if you can't see the grain, it is boring.
  8. Chicken Feather

    What's life like as a LO in 2022?

    Nice red!
  9. Chicken Feather

    My first tip installation. Went south

    [QUOTE="smoochie, post: 7211924, I'm posting this maybe someone can spot something and give me some advice for my next try tomorrow! I don't remember the guy's name but he did a couple of videos installing techno duds. Well done video and well done installation. Edit: without using a lathe
  10. Chicken Feather

    Weird, Way Out There, Next Level Chit

    Darn! I thought it was going to prove that body english does help😖
  11. Chicken Feather

    Mosconi Cup 2021 Day 3 Updates

    Yes.. he obviously is.
  12. Chicken Feather

    Mosconi Cup 2021 Day 3 Updates

    Okay.... I'm glad you've got it all figured out. It's easy to criticize, not so easy to actually perform in a pressure situation. Interesting that you think he's senile. 🤯
  13. Chicken Feather

    Mosconi Cup 2021 Day 3 Updates

    Yeah.. I went back and listened to it twice more and barely heard the beeping. Are you implying that JJ was trying to cheat? I think JJ's history will show that would not have been the case.
  14. Chicken Feather

    Mosconi Cup 2021 Day 3 Updates

    So no warning beeper??
  15. Chicken Feather

    Mosconi Cup 2021 Day 3 Updates

  16. Chicken Feather

    Mosconi Cup 2021 Day 1 Updates

    Thanks for your excellent work
  17. Chicken Feather

    Member Fraud

    He is still listed.
  18. Chicken Feather

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    The kid seems to be enjoying the situation. 🤣😂👍