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  1. stuckart

    Stinger's 2nd Annual $750 Added Guaranteed

    Stinger's 2nd Annual $750 Added Guaranteed B & Under 8-Ball August 11th and 12th, Noon Sign-up, 1 p.m. Start Come Warm Up for the BCAPL SouthWest Regional Winner Break, Rack Your Own, Double Elim, 7' Diamond Tables 2nd Chance Tourney on Sunday for those not in the Cash. We...
  2. stuckart

    BCAPL Warm-up From Phoenix AZ

    We are live for the 4th Annual BCAPL Warm-up from Stingers Bar and Grill in Arizona. Men's and Women's Divisions
  3. stuckart

    2012 BCAPL Men's Open - Location Map

    Last year I decided to pull together a nice little map to show where all the players for the National BCAPL Championship are coming from. This year I decided to just pull together the largest division the OPEN Men's Division.
  4. stuckart

    Marathon Tournament - Stingers - Phoenix, AZ is running a pool tournament that will take 12 weeks to complete. Much like the tournaments that Alexander's use to run back in the day. In this case we are taking 32 invitation persons in a 32...
  5. stuckart

    Olympia Open V - Updates

    I heard the Internet, Phone Service is not the best inside of the Olympia Conference Center but I was hoping someone would have some updates to the progress of the event. They took walk-in entries up until 1 hour before each event and I heard a few bigger names were making the trip. Bowman...
  6. stuckart

    Desert Classic Tour FINALE, Fri-Sun, FREE Live Stream

    The DCT is set to kick off the Finale Event. The word on the street is the added money is between $2500-$3000. Tons of top talent from all over the Southwest! Kicks off at 7:15 p.m. from Bullshooters in Phoenix, AZ. Big Table 10-ball Tune in and...
  7. stuckart

    Tilting the Rack in One Pocket

    I was just watching the 2000 World One Pocket Championship Match between Alex and Parica and noticed that both players were tilting the rack on each break. Alex makes a ball pretty easy on his first few breaks. I feel like I can see that the...
  8. stuckart

    Desert Classic Tour Wraps up it's 2011 Season

    The Desert Classic Tour has once again reached the Finale Event which starts on Dec. 2nd. Congrat's to all the players who reached the top Points Standings and all the participating rooms for some of the best pool playing on the West Coast this year. Full Points list and Details of the Big...
  9. stuckart

    US Open Bracket Mess up???

    Can someone fill me in on the bracket mess up and what's happening at the OPEN? I just got done cheering Mitch Ellerman on and saw his victory over Stephan Cohen 11-8 and then Mitch would face Rodney Morris. Then 15 minutes later the Live Scoring changed to all weird opponents and it showed...
  10. stuckart

    BCAPL Southwest Regional Champs!

    I wanted to thank my fellow teammates, Chad Barber (barber23), Jason Burkhart (Getnbzy) and Mitchell Ellerman for agreeing to team up with me and ultimately for carrying each other through the BCAPL Southwest Regional Championship this past weekend at Ft. McDowell Casino in Fountain Hills...
  11. stuckart

    OPEN 10-ball at Stingers, Aug. 20th, Arizona

    In coordination with the DCT, Stingers and we would like to offer this tournament to the players of Arizona in Leau of the Postponed DCT Event that was to take place. Stingers's OPEN 10-Ball August 20th-21st* Noon Sign-up, 1 p.m. Start (Sharp) $300 Added Guaranteed, $500 with...
  12. stuckart

    $750 Added 8-ball, B & Below, Stingers, Aug. 13th-14th, AZ

    Stinger's $750 Added Guaranteed B & Under 8-Ball August 13th and 14th 11 a.m. Sign-up, Noon Start Come Warm Up for the BCAPL SouthWest Regional Winner Break, Rack Your Own, Double Elim, 7' Diamond Tables 2nd Chance Tourney on Sunday for those not in the Cash. Entry B = $35 C =...
  13. stuckart

    Who's Attending the 2011 BCAPL Southwest Regional?

    Last year was a big success. Personally I was happy to finish 7th place in the Masters Division and have my team take 3rd place in the Mixed Open. With all the changes (Which I think are all for the better) this year, I can't see why this won't grow into a huge event. Great Venue + Great...
  14. stuckart

    BCA Champions League Kicking Off New Season in AZ

    The BCA Champions League is set to start on June 29th, 2011, out of Stingers Bar in Glendale, AZ! Many Many AZBilliards Forum Members have played out of this league the previous 4 Seasons! We are looking to fill a couple more teams and continue to make this the most dominant league in all of...
  15. stuckart

    BCAPL Brackets are ONLINE! Most of the events are listed so far!
  16. stuckart

    Rebecca Wagner wins opening AWBT Event!

    The Arizona Women's Billiard Tour began their 2011 season in Phoenix at Bullshooters with a $400 added 9-ball on the 9' table tournament. Bullshooters has been a generous longtime supporter of the AWBT. With their 20,000 sq. ft. they easily accommodated the 28 ladies who showed up from all parts...
  17. stuckart

    BCAPL Warm-up Tournament - Phoenix - Singles

    April 16th – 17th, 2011 SINGLES Event Stingers Bar & Grill 10040 N. 43rd Ave Glendale, AZ 85302 · Men's (race to 5) & Women's (race to 4) Divisions National Advanced Race to 1 more, Masters Race to 2 more · $300 Added, $500 Added with 40+ · 11:00 Sign-up, 12:00 Start · $35 Entry ($25 Early...
  18. stuckart

    BCAPL Players By Area - Mapped

    Seeing that the first deadline to get into the BCAPL Nationals has passed yesterday I thought I'd pop in and see who is signed up for the Men's Open Singles event. Here is the Map showing the amount of participants that have paid their entries to the Men's Open 8-Ball. Not surprising to see...
  19. stuckart

    Desert Classic Tour LIVE March 19th-20th - Phoenix

    Draw: 12:00 PM Play will begin immediately following the draw. No entries will be accepted after the draw. **NO EXCEPTIONS!** Entry Fees for all events, including Season Finale: ♦ A+ players: $70 ♦ A players: $50 ♦ B players: $35 ♦ C players: $25 There is a $50 annual Tour Membership...
  20. stuckart

    How Smart do you have to be to be on Jeopardy? (pool related)

    I caught this on TV today and thought it was pretty funny. The last guys answer just amazes me!