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  1. orangecrush

    So what gives.. Just curious..

    Why is it that when I click on the 20th, 21st or the last page on the what do you hate in cues thread it sends me to the 19th page? Do I need a special password? Hold my tongue a certain way? Talk nice to it??? OC
  2. orangecrush

    Mcdermott ID

    I've had this cue since 2006. I would like to know if anyone knows the model number and any history behind it. When I purchased the cue, I got it from a website called welovepool. I've sent emails to the website and have gotten no response to them. This cue was pictured with 5 other cues that...
  3. orangecrush


    test test test
  4. orangecrush

    APA 8 ball rack rule

    I haven't played on APA in a while. When did they change the rule of one solid and one stripe in the corners? And if I remember correctly, they are still playing that way here in Austin. Shane
  5. orangecrush

    Thank you Ric23

    I know there is a itrader sticky, but I wanted eveyone, not just people who read the itrader sticky about my dealings with Ric23. I had purchased a Sneakiest Pete from him. When I sent the money through paypal, late around 5pm central. Ric23 sent shipped the cue a few hrs later. I figured the...
  6. orangecrush

    Free cue

    OK. Now I got your attention. Last Year I gave away a sneaky that was just sitting around. Well now that I'm getting another cue, I have a McDermott Lucky cue that I will no longer need. I would like to give it to a young person. (like the last time) Someone who is under 18 and loves pool. So if...
  7. orangecrush

    Dealers Welcome

    CUE FOUND.THANKS FOR ALL THE OFFERS.. Only requirements is that it's straight, around 20oz and a big pin (3/8 10, 3/8 11 or radial). I've seen at the local billiard shop some Kaiser cues for $109 with 2 shafts. I'm up for if someone has something like that in a different brand for the about the...
  8. orangecrush

    Help with the name of a certain case maker

    I'm trying to remember the name of a custom case maker. I think the name starts with a A. I don't know where they are from nor anything else. All I remember is that they use to have a website. The cases are made of metal, they were available in 1X2,2X4 and are the oval shape. It had nice plush...
  9. orangecrush

    Birdseye Maple changing color

    I have had my McDermott cue for a few years now. And it seems to me that the birdseyes on the forearm has gotten darker over the few years. That they pop out more. Ive always had the cue indoors or in the case. Never left out in the car. Is it just me or is it possible the wood has turned...
  10. orangecrush

    2 cube chalk holder

    Awhile back some one was talking about a chalk holder that would hold a couple of pieces of chalk. Any info where I could get one would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Shane
  11. orangecrush

    Going to Lubbock on Thur. May 21

    I will be there for this coming weekend and was wondering if any members wanna meet up. I'm just looking for banging balls around and few beers. I'll buy the first round. I use to live there and worked at Speeds for awhile and would like to see the new (to me) Fast Eddies. Anyway. if interested...
  12. orangecrush

    Stripped threads on a mali shaft

    Is there a easy and inexpensive way to fix stripped threads on a mali shaft. It will thread all the way down but will not tighten. Or do I just need to buy another shaft? Its a old mali 3/8 10 with the wood to wood. No nylon insert. Thanks for the info. Shane
  13. orangecrush

    LTB: Black ostrich George case 1X2

    I have a friend that is a looking for a Black ostrich George case 1X2. Let me know what you got and post pics if you can. And I will let him know. Thanks. Shane
  14. orangecrush

    WARNING-Planning on sharing a room in Vegas?

    If any one is planning on sharing a room in Vegas might want to read this. I thought it was funny... A man was stabbed after causing a stink — literally — in a motel room while eating with a friend, police said. Five men from the Houston area were sharing a Waco motel room Tuesday night, and...
  15. orangecrush

    Anyone having trouble with the search page?

    Just like it says. Everytime I try to search for something, it takes me to a search page and I enter in the key word(s), Then I answer the random question, it tells me that the random question was not answered correctly and doesnt find what I'm looking for. Anyone having a issue like that...
  16. orangecrush

    Show your favorite production...

    Ok so I see the custom this and custom that. And I know there are some great production cues out there. So everyone, show your favorite production cue. Here is mine. Its a McDermott LE. The forearm was from the old D series.
  17. orangecrush

    The Pool Shark

    I found this funny video on youtube. I hope you enjoy. Shane
  18. orangecrush

    AZ get together Superbowl weekend- Vegas

    I'll be heading to Vegas super bowl weekend and I was wondering if there was anyone out that way, that would like to get together and play some pool and have a few drinks. If we can get enough people, maybe even get a ring game or some Kelly pool. I was thinking of meeting at LV Cue Club. If...
  19. orangecrush

    Joe Porper's Little shaver

    Has anyone use a Porper little shaver. I was thinking of buying one and wanted some opinions on it. Thanks in adavanced. Shane
  20. orangecrush

    2X4 Brunswick/George case for sale

    2X4 Brunswick/Its George case. The case is 90%. It has the strap w/ shoulder pad, long pouch and the jump pouch and key. Sold pending payment.