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    Super bowl prize

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    Best way to shape, scuff and burnish a technodud tip?

    I know you're not supposed to use a coarse scuffer, so what's the best way to do it without a lathe?
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    Tips on playing 7 foot diamonds?

    I don't play on diamonds very often. I know they bank different, but are there any other shots that are different? Are the side pockets less receptive? Any other tips?
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    Question about shooting fast and shooting slow......

    He probably meant you were good at potting balls but you weren't thinking long enough to play good patterns. I think playing fast is fine and actually preferable if you're in a good rhythm, but you still need to make the game easy on yourself by coming up with an easy pattern. That being said...
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    Best Non-laminated tip?

    I tried a technodud and I liked it, but it still mushroomed a bit. I see he's selling a hard version now. I've heard about other peoples milkduds, do they sell online or do I have to pm them? I like the idea of hard tips that play like they're soft.
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    Better stroke seems to have led to less effective force follow

    Anyone had this problem before? I'm hitting the cueball straighter than ever, and getting really good backspin, but my force follow seems weaker. I used to be able to send the cueball into the short rail and make it back down table fairly easy, but it seems like I'm having to put way too much...
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    Is Schmidt's and charlie 626 Legit

    Not gonna read this whole thread but if they really haven't published the video, then in my mind Mosconi still has the record. If it was certified by someone at Guinness or some other institution like that then maybe that would be different. What's their reason for not releasing the entire video?
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    Hey Dr. Dave, are there any diagrams of the effect of English off the CB

    I know the effects are slight, but I feel like there's a difference between straight draw in a 15 degree cut and say, bottom right, even accounting for the deflection. I also think there was a video of Appleton teaching a girl how to get different results on straight follow shots. Tyia
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    Anyone know what tip Josh Filler is using?

    inb4 it's the indian not the arrow inb4 whatever they're paid to use inb4 don't worry about what the pros are using
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    Instead of alternate break, why don't they cap it at a 3 pack or something

    It's kinda dumb from a competition standpoint when someone breaks and runs a set, but alternate break is not the most fun to watch. Are there any tournaments that limit you to a 3 pack or something similar?
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    Any way to clean balls with NO ABRASIVES?

    Basically I want to be able to clean the balls and make them like new without wearing down the coating. My understanding is that the aramith cleaning liquid has abrasives, as does the magic eraser. Can I just do a damp microfiber cloth?
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    Any table mechanics in the DFW area?

    Just need Simonis cloth installed on an 8' Brunswick.
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    Need a table mechanic in DFW area to install Simonis 860 on 8' Brunswick

    Any recommendations and a price range for the cloth and install? Thanks.
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    Grip question for Dr. Dave

    I've hear everyone debate about the weight of the cue for breaking, with some saying a light cue can go faster, or a heavier cue has more force, etc. I know f=mv, so they're both right in a way. But anyway, my question is whether a grip where the cue is firmly in your hand generates more force...
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    Brunswick Centennial Balls or Duramith New or Like New

    Looking to buy Brunswick Centennial or Duramith balls new or like new. Post or PM me. Thanks
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    Taom Fusion Tips

    Anyone tried these out? Sound interesting but I can't find any dealers that carry them in the U.S.
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    Using a Tip Pick on a Layered Tip

    What's the consensus on this? I read somewhere (maybe a Kamui statement?) that you weren't supposed to used a tip pick on layered tips because it could delaminate or mess with the layers or something. But I feel like the tip holds chalk better and doesn't get as glazed after using a tip pick.
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    Y'all ever had "In Transit, Arriving Late" message from USPS?

    Says the same expected date but I'm reading online that it could mean it's lost
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    Best way to roll forward just a bit on longer shots?

    Say you have straight in shot downtable and you just want to roll forward a couple inches. You can either strike the ball slightly above center, but you have to hit the cb kinda hard so that it doesn't get too much forward roll, you can hit it center ball and have just a bit of forward roll...
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    Delta 13 Select Rack Black

    Good condition $45 shipped.