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  1. GG11

    Bar Table 8-ball Situation - WWYD?

    Hi everyone, So last week Wei and I were talking about Vegas and he asked me what my favorite rack from Vegas was. It was a very interesting situation and he thought some of you might enjoy it. Below was the table layout & remember it's a bar table. I have ball in hand and am solids. Before I...
  2. GG11

    Tony Robles doing exhibitions in Alton, IL (near St. Louis) July 9th - July 10th

    Hi guys, Tony & I will be in Alton, Illinois (right across the river from St. Louis) from July 9th - July 11th. We are scheduled to run an exhibition at Riverbend Billiards Friday, July 9th, visit Atlantis Pools Saturday morning (tentative) & have another exhibition Sat, July 10th at...
  3. GG11

    3 Cushion Billiards Tips

    Hello all! So, I'm giving 3 Cushion Billiards a try today. Have only played the game a few times and when I did, I manipulated the rules so that Tony didn't crush me so I wasn't really playing it properly. Today it'll be an actual game of 3C. Any tips on the game, strategies and kicking...
  4. GG11

    Predator Tour Stop Open/Pro & ABCD Events @ Raxx Pool Room, Long Island, NY

    Hello Players, I hope that everyone had a great Holiday Season. Its time to start the 2010 Predator Tour Season! Congratulations to Shaun Wilkie for winning the Predator Tour Finale in December! Great shooting buddy! I am proud to announce that Ozone Billiards has come on board as the title...
  5. GG11

    Predator Tour Qualifier Details for Vegas US Open 10-Ball Championship

    Hi everyone, We've have had a number of people ask about the details of Tony Robles' Predator Tour qualifier for the US Open 10-Ball Championship in Vegas this May so I figured I'd post them here. Mark Griffin gifted the tour one invitation for the US Open 10-Ball Championship (just the...
  6. GG11

    Called Safeties in 8-Ball & 9-Ball while Pocketing a Ball

    After a long discussion over dinner with my bestest, I seek the thoughts of the forum for advice/input. Topic: Whether a player should be allowed to call a safety and pocket a ball in 8-ball and/or 9-ball/10-ball. The BCA currently allows a player to call a safety and pocket a ball, thus...
  7. GG11

    Greatest Final Matches from the last 3 Decades

    Hi Everyone, Don't know if this was posted a long time ago but I so much enjoyed this article from Billiards Digest, I wanted to share it. It's Billiard Digests 30 Great Finals from the last 3 Decades -- Watching the videos (which are AWESOME) and reading the breakdown & I am in pool player...
  8. GG11

    Ga Young Kim vs. Karen Corr 2003 video

    Anyone know where I can find a link for the last rack of the WPBA US Open Championships that Corr and Kim played? When Ga Young missed that 9-ball. :( I've looked all through youtube with no success. Any help would be very appreciated. thanks!
  9. GG11

    Character Analysis

    Found this writing my last entry & had to post it. Some humor for your Friday morning! Click on the drop down menu on the right hand side for characters.... Enjoy!
  10. GG11

    Go4Pool.Net Coverage of the Empire State Championship

    FYI, Jim of officially set up the cameras at Raxx and will be broadcasting the Predator 9-ball Tour's Seminole Tribe of Florida Empire State Championship this weekend at Raxx Pool Room. This is a Seminole Pro Tour Event TOO!! :) He's also going to have commentary available...
  11. GG11

    Empire State Championship - Predator 9-Ball Tour & Seminole Pro Tour 9/12 & 9/13 - NY

    Empire State Championship - Predator 9-Ball Tour & Seminole Pro Tour 9/12 & 9/13 - NY From the Predator 9-ball Tour! Click Here for Flyer --> Hello players, Congratulations to Jeremy Sossei for winning stop # 13 and...
  12. GG11 & Join Forces!

    Hey guys, So just thought I'd share the newest article I saw from that really caught my attention (and it wasn't just b/c it involved Tony!) lol JT of the NYCGrind teamed up with Wei of to provide a play by play account of the hill/hill rack Tony played against Matt...
  13. GG11

    Live Streaming w/ Commentary tomorrow at Amsterdam Billiards

    Was told that Jim Murnak was installing some mics to have commentary available for the Predator tournament tomorrow at Amsterdam Billiards in NYC-- Confirmed pros going--Robles, Mika, Zion & Ginky...I'm sure there are others that I haven't gotten confirmation from. Enjoy!
  14. GG11

    Europe Pool Halls - Vienna/Budapest/Bucharest

    Hi Everyone! Going on a trip in August and wondered if anyone could suggest some poolhalls in Vienna, Budapest & Bucharest? Thanks! G2
  15. GG11

    Interesting Ball in Hand Layout - What Would you Do Here?

    Interesting layout that happened last night in league.... what would you do here.... I'll post what Tony did after a few responses.. You have Ball in Hand....what's your strategy? The Four Ball is Frozen and so not cuttable in the side pocket...
  16. GG11

    WPBA Newest Board Member - Stu Mattana

    I don't know how I missed this article on AZ and I have yet to find a post about it here but this is BIG news for the WPBA and my friend Stu! Congratulations --- the WPBA is VERY lucky to have you come on board. Your dedication...
  17. GG11

    Mike Sigel & Tony Robles Exhibition Tonight at Amsterdam Billiards in NYC

    Hi Everyone -- Just so you know, Mike & Tony will be doing a Straight Pool Match, race to 200 tonight at the Amsterdam Billiards Club in NYC (4th ave & 11th st.) Winner wins a $1000, loser takes home $500. Woohoo! 14.1 Action.
  18. GG11

    mike sigel & paul sorvino at amsterdam tonight

    Just got word they're gonna play tonight!
  19. GG11

    Tipping the Tournament Directors

    Hello everyone -- Quick question. What's everyone's thoughts on tipping the tournament directors? Personally I leave a tip no matter what, even if it just $10. Some do it, some don't. When do you tip and why?
  20. GG11

    Pool Tournament Resolutions

    Hello All - For 2009, I've made a resolution to compete in more pool tournaments. `09 is gonna be about pool and getting up to that B speed. 2008 was so stressful and kinda depressing with all the economy crap and I'm hoping 09 rings in with some good healthy pool competition and...