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    Matchroom 2023 UK Open (nineball), 30May-4June, Winner $30K

    tip touched the cueball
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    Matchroom 2023 UK Open (nineball), 30May-4June, Winner $30K

    Something seriously wrong with that Fargo number. Probably has all of 5 matches. Anyone know if he's a English 8 Baller or ?
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    Matchroom 2023 UK Open (nineball), 30May-4June, Winner $30K

    Meanwhile, Albin lost his opener to Phillip Wildman. .. o_O
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    Matchroom 2023 UK Open (nineball), 30May-4June, Winner $30K

    He's won his opening match 9-4
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    Buffalo Billiards One Pocket

    Good to see Danny going deep again....(y)
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    Best belt type chalk holder

    Until Mika throws it under the table.
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    Any 1 Nine Ball

    Might be a good way to handicap the game as well. (y) Let the lower level player use that escape xxx amount of times in a game.
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    Any 1 Nine Ball

    And then what..?
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    RIP Danny Basavich

    A heart of pure gold. RIP
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    82 Tim Scruggs Big Pin

    The "Cork it" response, was referring to a Cork wrap. Black stained cork would look nice on that cue...(y)
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    Earl is Live

    Rodney, Earl, and Staurt are doing a round robin.... Stuart is in control. Rodney's short punch is hot and cold. Earl is struggling, but seems to be enjoying himself. They're also doing a raffle for a $5 donation...winner gets a 9-box of V10. You are correct, It is in Thailand....
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    Earl is Live

    Not sure about details, but it's Earl puttin on his show.
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    I will have this in my head forever now

    Looks like rounded corners. Could make for an interesting 10 min. I'd like to see a rack of 15 ball rotation on it...once. Pockets look small. Maybe snooker balls?
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    I need expert advice on selling cues over the internet.

    If you don't sell in person, Escrow is the only option. Unless you want to roll the dice. Why would you want to roll the dice?
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    82 Tim Scruggs Big Pin

    Cork it .....
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    SVB Vs Gorst, first round in World Pool Master

    Albin gets this one.
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    Is there video anywhere where someone break and run 15-balls in bank pool?

    Seriously, send Danny Harriman a PM, he should have some insight. It's one of his favorites. o_O Probably has a few vid's of his own.
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    Bert Kinister 60 Minute workout.

    If you watch it on the PC, take a screen shot and label them. Then combine them into a pdf. I didn't do this for the 60 min workout, but I did it for the shotmakers workout.
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    Who is in the Paul Zyk videos on Youtube?

    Rob Hovick….maybe.
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    Pro Bar Players Tour?

    Here's the rules... Call shot 9-Ball. 8-Ball---- no caroms..? Using opponents choice of group or the eight-ball in any fashion to pocket a ball constitutes loss of shot. Opponent shoots.